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The Columbia Gorge as seen
looking east  from the Vista
House at Crown Point
Relatively small forest fire
near Estacada, Oregon -
September, 2002
Burning Ford Taurus.  My friend and I found this along
the highway and attempted to put the fire out with fire
extinquishers, but to no avail. The family got out safely
and the fire department arrived.  It was a total loss.
Spring, 2001
Waterfall and cave on the
mid-Oregon coast.  Spring,
My crazy radio tower
climbing friend.  View
from top, approximately
100' up. Glass Buttes,
remote Eastern
Oregon.  Summer, 2001
Fort Rock, Oregon
Old indian and U.S. Army
fort.Natural rock wall
encircled compound.  Near
Chirstmas Valley, Oregon.
Spring, 2002
The famous Multnomah Falls.  East of Portland, Oregon.
From left to right:  Full view Multnomah falls, Multnomah falls footbridge (build 1914),   Looking
down to bottom of falls from foot bridge, Looking from behind footbride at the top of the lower
falls.  Fall, 2001
Mt. St. Helens,
Active Volcano.  Picture
taken from a remote
lookout to the south.
Spring, 2001
Mt. St. Helens Volcano
Driving to the rim, note
the old  eruption mud
flow.  Summer, 2002
Mt. St. Helens Volcano
view of the mountain
from a distance.  
Summer, 2002
Mt. St. Helens Volcano
near the crater, in the
blast zone.  Note the
downed trees still there
after more than 20 years
Summer, 2002
Mt. St. Helens Volcano
4 miles from the crater.
Summer, 2002
My girlfriend and
truck.  Steens Mtns in
the background.
Near the summit of
Steens Mtn.  (9800 feet),
my girlfriend Jen.
Looking into  Kiger
Gorge  on the west side
of Steens Mtn.  That's
about 2000 feet straight
Near the summit of
Steens Mtn.  (9800 feet),
Jen and myself
Steens Mountain, Southeast corner of Oregon.  Nearest city  is Burns, Oregon, about 100 miles away.  Fall, 2002
Hotsprings, near
Steens Mtn.  Fall, 2002
My friend, John, About
1/2 mile inside a deep
lave cave, near Bend,
Oregon. Spring, 2002
Abandoned homestead near Pinegrove, Oregon.
Early spring, 2002
Mt. Rainer Nationa
Park, water fall.
Summer, 2002
Painted Hills, near Leslie
Gultch, Oregon.  Summer, 2002
View from summit of War
Eagle Mtn, Idaho.  Looking
east  towards Boise.  See
mining pictures for more
pics of the area.  Summer,
Old abandoned Oakdale  school,
near Mehema, Oregon.
Spring, 2002
Leslie Gulch, Eastern Oregon
Summer, 2002
Sunset deep in Montana
country.  Summer, 2002
Coming down off of War Eagle Mtn, Idaho, we ran into a little problem on the trail.  Nothing a hand saw and winch
couldn't handle.   But there are times, when a chainsaw would have come in handy.  Summer, 2002
Pictures of Glacier National Park, Montana.   Summer, 2002
Another beautiful sunset
deep in Montana country.  
Summer, 2002
The Southern Hells Canyon area.  
May, 2003
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Near the summit of Steens Mtn.  
(9800 feet), Looking east.  That's
some very remote area your
looking at.  Approximately 5000
feet straight down.