Oregon Pacific Railroad 501
Last Update:  October 9, 2011
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 501
The OPR 501 is a 1950s GE 80 tonner.   The original frame appears to be a U.S. Army engine last serving for the Army at Ft.
Lewis, Washington.   It was purchased by Bob Steele & Associates in 1989 and used on the Oregon Coastline Express on the
Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad.    Apparently the locomotive was heavily rebuilt using parts from the POTB No. 110, also a GE
80 tonner.   While serving on the POTB, the engine was numbered 700.   It was primarily used on short train excursions on
the south end of the POTB from the Tillamook Blimp Hanger (now Air Museum).

The OPR aquired this 80 tonner on March 2, 1999 to use as a back up locomotive to the No. 500.  The No. 500 was leased
out by the OPR to the CDL Pacific Grain Terminal, in Portland, Oregon.   In approximately 1999, the No. 500 was pulled from
service due to mechanical problems and replaced by this engine, which was then renumbered 501.

Today, the 501 continues to be owned and serviced by the OPR and is on lease to the CDL Pacific Grain Terminal.  The No.
500 serves as a parts locomotive to this engine and is stored near the Milwuakie shops.
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Picture of the 501 serving at CDL Pacific Grain taken in 2004.

Two pictures of the 501 when it was serving on the OPR and numbered 700.  Also note that it was called "Lil' Toot Toot".  
Picture 1   and   Picture 2.
OPR crew working on the 501 at CDL Pacific Grain Terminal in Nov, 2010.   The contract agreement between the OPR and CDL involves the OPR
doing all maintenance and repairs on the 501.    The derelict 80 tonners on McBrod Ave near the OPR shops serve as parts locomotives for this