Last Update:  November 4, 2013
Passenger Train Operations
Scheduled Public Rides - Saturdays Only - January to October
For more information or any questions at all about chartering an excursion or
group tour, please call
503-659-5452 or Email
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Typical charter train using the open air car and the No. 900 caboose.


The OPR operates several different types of passenger cars and cabooses for our trips.   Our consists can vary
weekend to weekend depending on availability.

The OPR has an open air car, which is popular during the summer months, providing shade from the sun but
allowing a nice breeze during the ride.   This is a custom built car built in the 1990s for the OPR's original Samtrak
passenger operations.    
OPR open air car roster page and info.

The OPR also operates a custom built half bodied caboose.   The caboose includes a partly open deck with an half
body and upper cupola.  It was formerly a logging caboose for the Simpson Timber Company before being
obtained and completely rebuilt by the OPR in the 1990s for use on Samtrak.   
OPR caboose roster page and info.

The OPR sometimes operates an overflow caboose, which is our East Portland Traction Co. No. 11 caboose.
This caboose is unrestored, but operational and was obtained by the OPR in the late 1980s to serve at the OPR's
original office.   Its a former Union Pacific caboose built in the 1940s.   
EPTC No. 11 caboose roster page.

Chris McLarney owns and stores a fully restored UP heritage caboose that is also sometimes used on OPR
passenger trains.  This caboose is absolutely faithfully restored and gives passengers the true experience of riding
an operational railroad caboose.   
UP Heritage Caboose Roster Page.

The OPR owns a 1917 Southern Pacific Railroad business car that has been restored and maintained.   This car
has not yet entered passenger service, but we expect to use during our 2014 winter passenger runs, starting in
January 2014.    
Santa Rosa Roster page.


The OPR operates as its primary passenger locomotive, the No. 1413.  The 1413 is a heritage Canadian
locomotive, originally built for the Canadian National Railroad as a GMD-1.    GMD-1 locomotives are road switcher
style locomotives, comparable to an EMD SW1200 or EMD SW1500, sharing some qualities of both classes of
EMD locomotives.   It makes almost 1300 h.p.

Cab Rides are available in this locomotive on a first come, first served basis.

Check out our
No. 1413 Roster page for more info and photos.
For additional views of the passenger route of the Oregon Pacific Railroad, check out the follow online video
Steaming through History Part 2
186MB - 51 minutesOaks
Along the Willamette River on a snowy winter day.   As viewed from the train.
Oaks Bottom Lake as viewed from the train.
Willamette River from the train.
Other views from the train along the passenger route.

OPR Passenger trains travel along the OPR's East Portland Division.  This is an active freight line that the OPR
operates during the week and as needed.   The line is very historical and is over 110 years old.    The route taken
by OPR passengers trains is next to the Springwater bike trail and takes passengers through Oaks Bottom Wildlife
Refuge and along the Willamette River.

For more information about this railroad, please see our
Oregon Pacific Railroad East Portland Division Page.
From January through mid March, the OPR offer passenger train rides based out of the Oregon
Rail Heritage Museum on Saturday afternoons 1pm-5pm.   Trip trips last approximately 50 minutes.
Train does not normally stop at Oaks Station during these months.

From late March through the end of October, the Oregon Pacific Railroad offers rides to the public
between Oaks Station (near Oaks Amusement Park) and the Oregon Rail Heritage Museum on
Saturday afternoons noon - 6pm.  Round trips last approximately 40 minutes with an approximate
10 minute layover at each station.   Passengers can board and deboard at either station.



Oaks Station is located directly across from Oaks Amusement Park at 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland,
Oregon.   Parking is available in the Oaks Amusement Park parking lot.   Passengers can find the train by walking
towards the Springwater bike trail and following the path from the parking lot to the trail.   Oaks Station is located
where the parking lot access path and bike path meet.   Trains only stop at Oaks Station from late March through

Oregon Rail Heritage Center is located at 2250 SE Water Ave, Portland, Oregon.   Passengers can park in
several nearby parking lots.   To access the train, passengers need to enter the museum, which is free to the public
on most Saturdays.  Employees and volunteers of the museum can guide passengers on where to go to meet the
train.  Tickets are not sold by the museum and instead are sold by the train crew upon boarding.



Tickets are sold first come, first served at each station and are sold by the train crew as soon as the train arrives in
the station.

Ticket includes round trip and passengers are welcome to ride one way, deboard and return on a later train at no
extra cost.  (March - October train trips)

Tickets are $5 to ride on any of the passenger cars, including open air car, caboose or enclosed passenger cars.
Children under 2 years old are generally no charge.

Locomotive Cab rides are available first come - first served on a limited basis.  Cab rides are $10 per person.
Passengers who ride the locomotive, must be able to safely climb a vertical ladder and there is only one available
seat in the cab.  All other riders will have to stand during the trip.

On some Saturdays, the OPR offers special motor car / railroad speeder rides along with train rides.  On these
days tickets to ride in the speeder are $5 per person.

The OPR accepts cash, credit cards and paypal.



Please See our Public Train Ride Schedule Page for the Latest Schedule Information



Trains travel approximately 10-15 mph

All ages are welcome aboard.   We ask that passengers be able to safely climb a short set of steps to get on and
off the train and be able to disembark safely on their own or with the assistance of an accompanying guest in the
unlikely event of an emergency.  Children can be carried by an adult if it can be done safely.

We are sorry, but our historical equipment cannot accommodate wheel chair access at this time

For their safety, children should be accompanied by an adult at all times

Animals are generally allowed if they do not present a safety hazard or danger to other passengers

Bikes, strollers and other equipment generally can be carried on and stored on the train, if there is space available.

Please check our schedule page (link above) for the latest schedule information, as schedules may change due to
emergencies, weather conditions or crew and equipment availability.