Note to Readers:  It appears that sometime around 2004, Toyota has decided to end this
recall.  This the information that I'm getting from customers that have tried to pursue the recall
and meet all the below conditions, but have been turned down.   However, if you wish, you
might still contact Toyota or your local dealer to see if they are willing to attempt the recall.
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I've included this brief page to keep the Toyota 3.0 V-6 owners out there aprised of the
ongoing Toyota V-6 headgasket recall.

This recall has been ongoing for several years.  Many are under the impression that this
recall in now over, but in fact that is not the case.  Unlike recalls of the past or by other
manufactures, this one is ongoing for an indefinate period of time and regardless of
mileage of number of owners.  

When Toyota introduced the new 3.0 V-6 motor during the 1988 model year, it was the first V-6 engine
installed in a Toyota truck.   Toyota has had problems with the V-6 headgaskets since the beginning.   
They always seemed to fail early in the engine's service life for no good reason.  I've heard this is due
in part to the materials used in making the gaskets, such as a lack of abestos or the design in the
gasket.   Whatever the case, it caused a lot of V-6 owners heartache.  

In October 1996, Toyota came around and initially all 3.0 V-6 gaskets were recalled and replaced at no
charged, as long as the trucks were less than 8 years old and had less than 100,000 miles on them.  This
initial recall involved all V-6 engines made from 1988 through 1995.  However this has subsquently
changed.  In December 1997, Toyota declared that all trucks made  before Jan, 1990 would no longer
be covered.  Probably because they fell outside of the 8 year limit.  But Toyota modified it's policy to
continue the recall, indefinately, on trucks manufactured between Jan, 1990 and Oct, 1994.  Trucks
manufactured before Jan 1990 are not covered, so in general, 1988 and 1989 models are no longer
covered, while most if not all, other 3.0 V-6 models are.  The 8 year/100,000 mile limt no longer applies
to trucks made after Jan. 1990.

Toyota has committed itself to repairing each and every V-6 that has the original headgasket and falls
under the limited model year production.   Toyota has even taken the extra step of
repairing or replacing entire engine blocks where damage has occured due to the faulty headgaskets.   
Dealers have been instructed to inspect the engine blocks for scoring or other damage.  Typically,
damage is found around the #1 and #6 cylinder walls.  When damage is found, Toyota will either replace
the entire engine short block with a brand new unit or bore out the cylinders and rebuilt the short
block.   All at no cost to the owner.

It is important to note that while Toyota will replace the headgasket for free and fix any damage that
has occured regardless of engine age or mileage or number owners the truck has gone through,  Toyota
will only fix it once.   Toyota considers the problem to be a faulty gasket design.  Once the gasket is
replaced by Toyota, the problem is considered solved.  Any issues arising after the gasket replacement
and inspection  are considered the fault and responsibility of the
truck owner.

To determine whether your truck was fixed prior under the recall, one only needs to call any local
Toyota dealership and provide them with the truck VIN #.   The recall is called the "VO6 Special
service campaign".   Some dealers have been known to either not know what's going on or to not want
to participate in this program for whatever reason.  If you run into any problems, simply hang up and try
another dealership.   If the truck's gaskets have not been replaced according to the dealership checking
the VIN, then you should immediately schedule an appointment to have them replaced.   Not only could
you be saving your engine, but there is no telling when Toyota might decide to end the recall once and
Special Thanks to PETE CASTRO for the above documents
Hopefully this information will help someone out.

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