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This new page is exclusively about the steam locomotives that I've visited and photographed here in the
Pacific Northwest region, including a few from California and Canada.  These include active excursion
engines, display locomotives and even abandoned steam engines.   Below you'll see our photographs and
some detailed information about each steam engine, including links to other pages on this website and
other websites that have further details.

Thanks, Hope you enjoy!

Brian McCamish
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Santa Maria Valley # 21                 Seaside, Oregon                   Under Restoration
Bradley-Woodard ?                  Nicolia Mountain, Oregon                   Wrecked/Abandoned
Number:  2 -  Last Owner:  Bradley-Woodard Company -   Type:  Shay  -   Build Date: ?  -  Retired:  ?

This abandoned Shay water tank was discovered by Lloyd Biddlecome who shared these pictures with me.  Its located on Nicolia Mt. in
Northwest Oregon.  My guess, based on the location of discovery is that it is a Bradley-Woodard Shay as that was the operation that logged this
part of the mountain in the 1930s.   I've been told that a Shay did fall through a railroad trestle in this area, and this very well could be the one.   
I'm not sure if more parts exist and I plan to visit the area myself to search around.
Photo dates: 4/2005 - courtesy of Lloyd Biddlecome
"The Oregon Pony"                  Cascades Locks, Oregon                   Display
Curtiss Lumber # 2                   Garibaldi, Oregon                   Active
E. C. Schevlin Timber Co. # 3                 Tillamook, Oregon                   Display
Unknown # 12                 Florence,  Oregon                   Display
Spokane Portland & Seattle # 700                   Portland, Oregon                   Active
Rutledge Lumber # 103                    Clarkia, Idaho                 Abandoned in the woods
W.H. Eccles Lumber # 3  (Sumpter Valley RY)            Sumpter, Oregon                Active
Sumpter Valley Railway # 19                 Sumpter, Oregon                 Active
Sumpter Valley Railway # 20                 Sumpter, Oregon                 Display
Georgia-Pacific # 9         S. of Camp Grisdale, Washington       Abandoned in the woods
EJ Sherman Lbr Co. # 10         N. of North Plains, Oregon       Remains Abandoned in the woods
Bloedel Stewart & Welch # 1                           Duncan, BC                        Display
Cowiltz, Chehalis & Cascade # 15 (Chehalis-Centralia RR)        Chehalis, Washington      Active
Duncan BC Logging Museum # 2                      Duncan, BC                      Display
Coos Bay Lumber Co. # 104                  Coos Bay, Oregon                 Display
Rayonier Lumber Co. # 90                    Garibaldi, Oregon                   Display
Southern Pacific # 4449                 Portland, Oregon                  Active
Hillcrest Lumber Co. # 1 (Cowichan Valley RR)      Duncan, BC      Display / semi-active
Oregon-American Lumber Co. 102                 Vernonia, Oregon                  Display
Southern Pacific # 2579                Klamath Falls, Oregon                  Display
Georgia-Pacific # 1               Toledo, Oregon                  Display
Southern Pacific # 4294               Sacramento, California                  Display
Stimpson Timber Co. # 1              Portland, Oregon                  Display
BHRR # 5              Georgetown, California                  Display
Seattle City & Light # 6             Newhalem, Washington                  Display
Potlatch Forest Co. # 92                 Lewiston, Idaho                 Display
Rayonier Lumber Co. # 3                 Tillamook, Oregon                 Stored, future restoration project
Long-Bell Co. # 803 (BYCX)        Chelatchie, Washington        Stored, possible future restoration
Peter J. Replinger (BYCX) # 19             Chelatchie, Washington            Under restoration
OR&N # 197                      Portland, Oregon                   Under restoration
Southern Pacific # 1785                    Woodburn, Oregon                    Display
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Number:  700 -  Last Owner:  Spokane Portland & Seattle -   Type:  Baldwin 4-8-4  -   Build Date: 1938  -  Retired: 1958 (now active)

Purchased by the SP&S as a lot of three Northern steam engines in 1938, # 700 was the first to go into the service the last to retire.   It spent
most of it's career hauling passengers between Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR and Spokane, WA.  In 1958 it was donated to the City of
Portland and placed in Oaks Park where it remained until the mid 1980s.   It was finally restored to active service by 1990.  And has been active
ever since.   However, because of it's size and expense to operate, it only steams up once or twice a year on special occasions.   To learn
more, check out my
SP&S 700 Page, including two long feature videos of this locomotive in action.   Photo dates: 12/2004 & 5/2005
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Number:  103  -  Last Owner:  Rutledge  -   Type:  Class B, 48 ton, 2 truck Climax   -   Build Date: 1909  -  Retired: 1930   

I have an entire page on this locomotive, so rather than go into detail here,  please visit that page with a ton more pictures, what happened to it
and where it's located now.   
My Abandoned Climax in the Idaho Woods Page.  Photos date: 9/2004
Number:  3  -  Last Owner:  Sumpter Valley Railway  -   Type: Heisler   -   Build Date: 1915  -  Retired: active  

Painted in the W.H. Eccles Lbr. Co. markings, who originally owned her from 1915-1926.   Number 3 has served on the Sumpter Valley
excursion railroad since 1976.   It's one of only two operational wood burning locomotives and the only narrow gauge wood burning Heisler in
existence!   I barely caught it going by as we were exploring mines in the area.  Check my
Sumpter Valley Railway Page for more info.
Photo date: 9/2003
Number:  9 -  Last Owner:  Georgia-Pacific  -   Type:  Baldwin 2-6-2ST   -   Build Date: 1925  -  Retired: 1960   

GP # 9 was original built for Manary Logging Co. for work on it's Siletz Division north of Toledo, Oregon.  It would later be sold to
Georgia-Pacific.  By 1960, GP had closed it's logging operation north of Toledo and either scrapped or donated it's remaining steam
locomotives, except for # 9.   This locomotive was used as a movie prop, and made to fall off a high bridge in Washington state when the
bridge was blown up during the making of "Ring of Fire" in 1960.  The remains are still at the site, mostly under water in the river.  While the
site is difficult to reach, you can still see the wheel sticking out of the water.  There is no reason not to believe that other than the damage from
the fall, the locomotive is mostly still intact.  However, the site would be almost impossible to salvage because it's in a very deep river gorge.   
For many more pictures and much more info, please visit my
Ring of Fire page.  Photo date: 4/2004 - B/W photo courtesy of Gary Oliver.
Number:  10 -  Last Owner:  E.J. Sherman Lbr Co.  -   Type:  Lima Shay, 2 Truck   -   Build Date: 1913  -  Retired: 1937  

Eileen was very kind enough to send me these pictures and allow me to post them.  They are the remains of a 1913  2-truck Lima Shay
(CN 2622, 11x12 cylinders, 32" wheels, 100,000 lbs).   This Shay was Simpson Logging Company #10, later loaned to the Fredson
Brothers Logging Company as their #10 from 1923-1925.  In 1928 it was sold to the E.J. Sherman Lbr. Company of Mountaindale, Oregon
where it was their #3.  In 1937 it was wrecked in a runaway accident that unfortunately killed a poor lady, named Mrs. Griffels, who was
walking down the tracks.   

As the story goes, the Shay was leased to another company who was charged with tearing out the line.  They had a long load of rails, but
the locomotive got away down a long downhill grade.   It left the tracks on a curve.   The water tank that you see here, seperated from the
Shay's chassis and rolled about 300 feet down a hill and landed up right.   As late as the 1970s, the words Simpson Logging Co. were still
visible on one side of the tank.   The locomotive remains that were close to the tracks were later salvaged, but the tank was left behind
and still remains in it's resting place after more than 67 years.

Thanks to Eileen Brazil for the photos and to Jon Davis for specific information on the locomotive.
Photo date: 10/2004  Photo by: Jerry Gaiser, courtesy of Eileen Brazil
Number:  1 -  Last Owner:  BC Forest Products  -   Type:  Lima Shay, 2 Truck   -   Build Date: 1925  -  Retired: 1957   

Owned by the BC Forest Museum on Vancouver Island, Canada, this Shay sits out front.  It's one of the first locos to go on display at the
museum.   Today it sits out front and greets visitors who pull into the parking lot.
  Photo date: 6/2004
Number:  15 -  Last Owner:  Chehalis-Centrailia  -   Type:  Baldwin Mikado 2-8-2  -   Build Date: 1916  -  Retired: 1955  (now active)

Owned by the Chehalis-Centrailia RR Association, this loco used to operate on the CC&C RR until the mid 1950s.  It was restored in 1989 and
currently runs passenger excursion traffic on summer weekends on a 9 mile stretch of track just outside of Chehalis, WA.    I had the privlage of
riding in the cab of this locomotive in the summer of 2004.  What a trill of a lifetime!  
Check out my cab ride video and other photos on my Chehalis-Centralia Page.   Photo date: 6/2004
Number:  2 -  Last Owner:  Unknown  -   Type:  Climax  -   Build Date: 1911  -  Retired: 1927

Another display at the BC Forest Museum, this locomotive has an interesting history in that it was abandoned in the woods of Vancouver Island
in 1927 and not discovered until the 1970s.  It was then restored to operational status in the 1975, but is now on display indoors at the
  I'm not sure who the last owner was or any further history.  If you know, Email me.  Photo date: 6/2004
Number:  104 -  Last Owner:  Coos Bay Lumber Co.  -   Type:  Baldwin 2-8-2  -   Build Date: 1922  -  Retired: 1959

This steam locomotive is owned by the Oregon Coast Historical Railway.   A cosmetic restoration was undertaken for display purposes.  It's
unknown if it will ever run again.  It originally hauled logs from Powers, Oregon to Coos Bay from 1922-1959.
Check out my
Coos Bay Lumber Co. Page for more information.    Photo date: 5/2004
Number:  104 -  Last Owner:  Rayonier Lumber Co. -   Type:  Baldwin 2-8-2  -   Build Date: 1926  -  Retired: 1960

Used by Rayonier logging out of Hoquiam, WA from 1926-1960. On display at Garibaldi for the last several decades.   Is suppose to be
restored at some point.  See more photos on my
OCSR page.  Photo date: (two left) 10/2002 (four right) 6/2005
Number:  4449 -  Last Owner:  Southern Pacific  -   Type: Lima GS-4 class 4-8-4  -   Build Date: 1941  -  Retired: active

The 2nd largest currently operational steam engine in North America.  The Challenger, owned by the UP, is the largest.  It is also the only
operating "streamlined" steam engine in the country.   This locomotive was used by Southern Pacific on the famous Daylight Special run in
Southern California.  It was retired sometime in the late 1950s and was donated to the City of Portland where it was put on display in Oaks
Park next to the  SP&S 700, until 1974.   It was then removed and restored to go on tour in 1976 as part of the "freedom train."    Today it once
again sits next to the SP&S 700 inside the Brooklyn Roundhouse in Portland, but both locomotives are active and are steamed up for special
occasions, usually at least once a year.   More photos can be seen on my page dedicated the
Southern Pacific 4449.
Photo date: 5/2004 & 5/2005
Number:  1  -  Last Owner:  Hillcrest Lumber Co.  -   Type:  Class B, 48-50 ton, 2 truck, Climax  -   Build Date: 1915   -  Retired: 1950s

This is a standard gauge Climax that was restored in 1991 and on display at the BC Forest Museum on their Cowichan Valley RR passenger
excursion shortline.  It's painted in the Hillcrest Lumber markings, which is the original company it served with.  Unknown if it's still
Photo date: 6/2004
Number:  102  -  Last Owner:  Oregon-American / Long-Bell   -   Type:  Lima Shay, 2 truck  -   Build Date: 1912   -  Retired: 1958

This Shay served with several other logging companies before going to the Oregon-American in 1928.   It served on the company's many
logging railroads west of Vernonia into the 1950s.   The Oregon-American mill was sold to Long-Bell and in it's final years, # 102 served as a
Long Bell locomotive on the same railroads.    The 102 is the last surviving geared locomotive of all the units that served with Oregon-American
logging railroads.   After retirement in 1958 it was donated to the City of Vernonia where it was placed in a local park.   In the late 1990s, it was
pulled from the park and restoration efforts were begun.   However, it was found that it the needed work was beyond the scope of the group that
started the project.  The 102 was placed back in the city park where it remains on display  today.  Check out my
Oregon-American Lumber Co. Page for more info.   Photo date: 5/2002
Number:  2579  -  Last Owner:  Southern Pacific   -   Type: Class C-9 Baldwin 2-8-2  -   Build Date: 1906   -  Retired: 1956

I don't have much info on this locomotive, other than it served on the SP line and appears to have even acted as a pilot plow over Donner Pass
in California in 1937  It was donated to the city of Klamath Falls in 1957 and has sat here in a local city park ever since.   The exterior at least,
appears to be in good condition and well cared for.    
Photo date: 5/2004
Number:  1  -  Last Owner:  Georgia-Pacific   -   Type: Baldwin 2-8-2  -   Build Date: 1922   -  Retired: 1960

This loco spent all of it's working life logging the areas around Toledo and fittingly remains here on display.   It originally served the Manary
Logging Co. and later the C.D. Johnson Lumber Corp. before being sold to Georgia-Pacific in 1953.  By 1960, GP was closing it's Toledo
logging line and retiring all of it steam engines.  This was one the few GP locomotives to be saved.   The
Yaquina Historical Society is
preparing to do a restoration on it and was inspecting the boiler when I took these pictures.   
Photo date: 6/2004
Number:  4294  -  Last Owner:  Southern Pacific  -   Type:  Baldwin AC-12 Cabforward 4-8-8-4  -   Build Date: 1944   -  Retired: 1956

The last remaining SP cab forward in existence.  It's one of the largest steam locomotives in the world, currently on display at the Sacramento
Railroad Museum.   That's me pretending I could actually drive the thing.    It served much of it's career hauling freight trains over Donner pass,
in California  and in Oregon hauling trains over the Cascade Mountains and down into California, via Klamath Falls.   The 4294 is actually in
very good mechanical condition and appears to be restorable to operating condition, but it's most likely to serve the rest of it's days in the
climate controlled setting of the Sacramento Railroad Museum, where it is today.    More history and info about
4294 can be found here.  
Photo date: 2/2004
Number:  1  -  Last Owner:  Stimpson Timber Co. -   Type: Lima Shay, 2 truck  -   Build Date: 1909   -  Retired: 1955

Today this locomotive resides at  the Forestry Museum, near the Portland Zoo.  Built for Gig Harbor Timber Co. at Gig Harbor, WA, this 2-truck
Shay went to the Stimson Timber Co. at Belfair, WA in 1913, and later to the Stimson Lumber Co. at Forest Grove, OR.  It was donated to the
City of Portland in 1955.   The Stimson mill  which it last served is still very much active, nowadays served by the Portland & Western RR and
GP38 diesels.   
Photo date: 12/2003 & 7/2004
Number:  5  -  Last Owner:  Salem Brick & Lumber Co.  -   Type:  Porter 0-4-0  -   Build Date: 1906  -  Retired: ?

This old Porter mini-locomotive was spotted at a shopping mall in Georgetown, CA.    The display implies that it was used for mining, which
was very prevalent in the area, but, says that it actually might have belonged to the Salem Brick and Lumber
Photo date: 2/2004
Number:  6  -  Last Owner:  Seattle City & Light.  -   Type:  Baldwin 2-6-2  -   Build Date: 1928   -  Retired: 1953 and again 1970s

Originally built for the Seattle City & Light Railroad in 1928 for use on it's dam projects on the Skagit River,  it was retired in the early 1950s and
placed in this park for display.  In the 1970s, the Skagit River tourist RR was formed and ran this locomotive, but it later failed and the loco was
placed in the park again where it remains today.  Here's a
photo of it operating on the Skagit tourist RR in the 1970s.  Photo date: 7/2004
Number:  92  -  Last Owner:  Potlatch Forest Co.   -   Type:  3 truck Heisler  -   Build Date: 1924    -  Retired: 1963

In Lewiston, Idaho is this 3-truck Heisler.  It was originally built for the Ohio Match Company at Hayden Lake, Idaho, in 1924,  as their number
1.   It was later sold to Potlatch Forest Inc, and renumbered #92.   It operated at Headquarter, Idaho and later here in Lewiston, Idaho.  It was
donated to the city of Lewiston in 1963 and has sat here ever since.   More pictures on
this page of mine.  Photo date: 7/2004
Number:  19  -  Last Owner:  Sumpter Valley RY   -   Type:  Alco 2-8-2 narrow gauge  -   Build Date: 1920 -  Retired: 1957 now active

One of two locomotives built for the original Sumpter Valley Railroad.  SVRy 19 & 20 were purchased by the WP&YR in 1940 and became
WP&YR 81 & 8.  This unit was restored by Doyle McCormick in the mid 1990s and now pulls trains on the Sumpter Valley tourist Railroad.    
More pictures and info can be found on my
Sumpter Valley Railway Page.    Photo date: 8/2004
Number:  19  -  Last Owner:  Sumpter Valley RY   -   Type:  Alco 2-8-2 narrow gauge  -   Build Date: 1920 -  Retired: 1957

The sister to the above locomotive.  Plans are underway to restore this locomotive to it's former glory, but for now it sits outside in relatively poor
condition on display.     More pictures and info can be found on my
Sumpter Valley Railway Page.    Photo date: 8/2004
Number:  3  -  Last Owner:  Rayonier Lumber Co.  -   Type:  Lima Shay 24 ton, 2 truck  -   Build Date: 1910   -  Retired: ?

Formerly serving on the Rayonier Logging RR, this locomotive is owned by Aaron Zorko.  It's currently under restoration.   More information and
pictures can be found on my
POTB Railroad Page.  Also be sure to visit their page  Photo date: 10/2004
Number:  803  -  Last Owner:  Long-Bell (International Paper)  -   Type:  Alco 2-8-2T   -   Build Date: 1925   -  Retired: 1962

Although it's future is a little uncertain, this locomotive had an interesting history, especially in it's later years.   Serving for Long-Bell and it's
subsidiaries most of it''s life, it was built in 1925.  It spend most of it's life in Ryderwood and later Longview, Washington working the logging
railroads and as a mill switcher.   In approximately 1959, it was converted to be a stationary boiler to supply steam for the International Paper
mill in Longview, Washington.   By 1962 it was placed into storage, before being sold to a private owner in the late 1970s and put into storage
in Shelton, Washington.   In 2002, it was moved to it's current location, the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad (BYCX) storage facilities in Chelatchie,
Washington.   It's future it not certain.  It may possibly be restored, or it might be used for parts for their current restoration project.
More pictures can be found on my
BYCX page.  and on this website about the 803.
Photo date: 5/2005
Number:  197  -  Last Owner:  Union Pacific  -   Type:  Baldwin 4-6-2  -   Build Date: 1905    -  Retired: 1955

The OR&N # 197 began life in 1905, built for the Oregon Railway & Navigation Company.   The OR&N was a subidiary of Union Pacific.  In
1927, the 197 underwent an extensive rebuild, and it's 4 cylinder piston design was converted to a more modern and conventional 2 cylinder
design.  At some point it was renumbered 3203 and also given a much larger tender.   Restorers felt it would be better to restore the engine to
it's original lettering and numbering and thus it's known as the OR&N 197.

The 197 was donated to the City of Portland in the 1950s and was placed in Oaks Park along side the SP&S 700 and Southern Pacific 4449.  
The 4449 was restored in 1974, and 700 restored in 1990.   The 197 remained in the park until it was finally removed in 1996.   Once again, all
three locomotives are reunited, being stored in the Brooklyn Roundhouse.  Both the 4449 and 700 are steamed up one or twice a year and
soon the 197 will join them as an active steam locomotive.  Check out the
OR&N 197 homepage.
Photo date: 5/2004
Number:  1785  -  Last Owner:  Southern Pacific  -   Type:  Baldwin Class M-6 "Mogul" 2-6-0  -   Build Date: 1902 -  Retired: ?

One of 76 units built by Baldwin for the Southern Pacific in the early 1900s.  The rest of the history of this locomotive is not clear as no offiical
home page of it or the restorers, the Oregon Railway Historical Society, seems to exist.  It was likely retired in the 1950s and probably put on
display somewhere before being restored by a local group.  The cosmetic restoration was well done and it looks very nice.  It's currently on
display in downtown Woodburn, Oregon.  It's planned to eventually return 1785 to the rails, if it can someday be restored.  If you have any further
info about this locomotive, please
email me.   Photo date: 5/2005
Number:  19  -  Last Owner:  Georgia-Pacific  -   Type:  Alco 2-8-2T  -   Build Date: 1929    -  Retired: under restoration

Number 19 was originally built for the Crossett Western Co. as their #10 out of  Wauna, Oregon.   It then went to the Hammond Lbr Co. in
Samoa, California in 1943 and renumbered # 16.   It was retired in 1964 and put in a local city park in Fortuna, California in 1966.  In 1974,
Peter Replinger purchased the locomotive and brought it to Shelton, Washington, where he restored it to operating condition.   In 1985 it was
used to pull the last load of logs out of Camp Grisdale, Washington on the Simpson Timber Co. Railroad.   In 2002, both it and the 803 above
were moved by rail flatcar from Shelton, Washington to the Chelatchie, Washington.   Currently the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad is leasing the
locomotive from Peter Replinger and it's in their shop under going restoration to be used on their passenger railroad eventually.   It was
scheduled to be completed by 2003, but as of the summer, 2005, it was still being worked on.  If anyone has any current info on the restoration
efforts, please
email me.   More pictures can be found on my BYCX page.  and on this website about the 803.
Photo date: 5/2005
Number:  2 -  Last Owner:  Scott Wickert (OCSR) -   Type:  60 ton 2 truck Heisler  -   Build Date: 1910  -  Retired: active tourist

Origonally built for the Curtiss Lumber Company in 1910, the number 2 served for several companies in the Mill City, Oregon area all of its
working.  Retired in the late 1950s, it was purchased by the Mt. Raineer Scenic Railroad then later purchased by Scott Wickert and restored.  
Today, it is fully restored and is used onsummer weekends to pull an excursion train on the Port of Tillamook Bay RR between Garibaldi and
Rockaway Beach.  To learn more and
see my cab ride video on this locomotive visit my Oregon Coast Scenic RR page.   Photo dates: 6/2005
Number:  2 -  Last Owner:  Scott Wickert (OCSR) -   Type:  60 ton 2 truck Heisler  -   Build Date: 1909  -  Retired: ?

Origonally built for the EC Shevlin Timber Co in Kalama, Washington, it ended its working days on the Broughton Lumber Mill line near Willard,
WA.  Not sure when it was retired but its current owned by Scott Wicker, who plans to restore it to either static or operational service at some
point in the future.  Its on display at the Tillamook Air Museum today.   To learn more see my
 Oregon Coast Scenic RR page.   
Photo dates: 6/2005
Number:  12 -  Last Owner:  Gary Foglio Trucking -   Type:  Alco 0-4-0T?  -   Build Date: 1916  -  Retired: ?

This loco is sitting near Hwy 101 south of Florence, Oregon, sort of on display on private property.  It a 1916 Alco, 0-4-0 (the front truck is just for
display)  This is one of two locos purchased by Al Foglio, the father of the property owner.  They were originally tank engines, but because Al
didn't like this design, the tanks were scrapped.  They both came from Bluffton, Indiana and worked Marble Cliff Quarry.  The first engine was a
1918 Alco 0-4-0 that he kept in Milwaulkie, Oregon.  It was returned to operational condition and now belongs to Mark Acuff in Portland.   The
engine shown here was never intended to be restored as major pieces are missing, including the flues.  It's been on display here since the
early 1980s.  Special thanks to Ken Lauderback for the information.
Photo dates: 6/2005
Number:  21 -  Last Owner:  Astoria RR Preservation Assc. -   Type:  Baldwin 2-8-2  -   Build Date: 1925 -  Retired: 1960

Origonally built for the Santa Maria Valley Railroad in 1925, this locomotive was operated until 1960 when it was retired.  It passed through
several owners before being sold to the Puget Sound Railroad Historical Association in Snoqualmie, Washington in 1978.   It was finally
purchased by the Astoria Railroad Preservation Association in the early 1990s.  Its been under restoration ever since.  However, this
restoration is extremely thorough and includes many brand new custom parts, including the firebox, sand domes, etc.  Its hoped to be finished
around 2007 and operated on the Portland & Western track that runs from Astoria to Portland, Oregon.   More photos can be seen on
page.   Photo dates: 7/2005
Number:  none -  Last Owner:  Oregon Historical Society -   Type: Vulcan 0-4-0  -   Build Date: 1862 -  Retired: 1904

This is the oldest survving steam locomotive in the Northwest and the first locomotive to operate in Oregon, when it was purchased by the
Oregon Steamship Navigation Company to be used near Celico, Oregon.   This locomotive was used to transport people and goods around
the dangerous Columbia River rapids.   Only used for 3 years here in Oregon was later transported to San Fransico and used to level sand
hills.  It was damaged by fire, but later restored in 1904 when it was returned to Oregon.   In 1970 it was placed on display in Cascade Locks,
near where it first operated.   Named the Oregon Pony, because of the mules it replaced on the Portage Railroad.   
Photo dates: 5/2005