Movies of the SP&S 700 in action!
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SP&S 700 Steaming through History 2008 part 1   and   part 2
NEW!  WMV version of the Steaming through History event.  NEW!

SP&S 700 Summer 2006 Events Preview
WMV version of the 50th Anniversary Farewell to Steam Preview and footage of the 2006 Salem Safety Faire run
113 Mb, 36 minutes long

The 50th Anniversary of the Farewell to Steam Excursion  -Condensed Version-
(1 hour full version is available through the PRPA)  
77 megs, 16 minutes long (requires quicktime)

Chasing the 700 from Portland to Salem in May, 2005
69 megs, 29 minutes long

The 700 in Vancouver in December, 2004 while on display with footage of it leaving town
48 megs, 13 minutes long

SP&S 700 Steaming through History Part 1
Part 1 of a 2 part full feature video of the June, 2008 Steaming through History even on the Oregon Pacific Railroad
102MB, 28 minutes long
Last Update:  December 8, 2009
The SP&S 700 was one of the most modern steam engines built when it was delivered to the SP&S in 1938 along with its
sisters, the 701 and 702.  The number 700 is a Baldwin “Northern” 4-8-4.  Called a “Northern” because they were nearly
identical to the Northerns built for the Northern Pacific, except that the SP&S versions burned oil instead of coal.  The
SP&S, facing competition from the Union Pacific on the south bank of the Columbia River wanted to order some new and
powerful motive power for its operation between Vancouver and Spokane.  The SP&S ordered three locomotives from

The three locomotives were initially put to use hauling passengers.   The 700 and 702 were mainly used for overnight
passenger service between Vancouver and Spokane, while the 701 was used for freight service and as a stand by
locomotive.  As a result, historic photos of 701 are more rare than the other two locomotives.  The 700 series did not see
service in Portland until 1943, because the turn table was not long enough until that time.

By the late 1940s and early 1950s, the three 700 series locomotives were among the last steam engines to pull major
passenger trains.  The SP&S did regulate the engines to only secondary passenger trains and freight service in their later
years and by 1953, they were mostly pulling freight.  But by 1955, the 700s were being retired.   In May, 1956, the number
700, the first unit to arrive on the SP&S, was repainted for one last passenger SP&S passenger run, almost exactly 18
years  after it was first built.

After the trip, the 700, 701, 702 and all the rest of the SP&S steam engines were readied to be scrapped out.  But as it was
born from competition with the Union Pacific, so it was saved by competition.   The UP, who was also scrapping its last
steam engines, donated several units to local cities for park decoration.    The SP&S felt it had to so the same thing and
donated the number 700, since it was in the best cosmetic condition, to the City of Portland.  It was placed in Oaks Park in
1958, along side the Southern Pacific’s 4449.  The SP&S also donated the 539, a smaller locomotive, to the city of

The 4449 would be removed from the park in the early 1970s and restored to operating condition for use on the Freedom
Train in 1976.  However, the 700 was left behind.  In the 1970s through the 1980s, Chris McLarney began restoration
efforts and organized the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association, which eventually restored the number 700 to operating
condition.  With the help of Burlington Northern and private donations, the 700 was steamed up again in 1990.

For the last 15 years, the 700 has been used on many excursions.  Because it’s only able to operate several times a year
and sometimes only once every few years, every outing is a major historical event for rail fans everywhere.   

Today, the 700 is stored and cared for by the PRPA at the Union Pacific owned Brooklyn Roundhouse in Portland.  It sits
along side the number 4449 and the OR&N # 197, all three of which are owned by the city of Portland.   However, the city
generally allows the three non-profit organizations who operate and maintain each locomotive, to do as they see fit.   

The number 700 has the distinction of being the 3rd largest operating steam engine in North America.  (Or 2nd depending
on who you ask.)  It's currently in excellent shape and well maintained and should be able to run for many years in the
future.  However, insurance costs, lack of mainline railroad support of passenger steam excursions and cost, have kept the
700 and the 4449 in the stable far more than most would like.   So, every time the 700 is steamed up, it's a major event.  
This page outlines two such recent events.  And soon will document a 3rd event that will occure June 10 and 11, 2006.

The 700 is a class E-1 Baldwin 4-8-4 built in May, 1938.   It weighs almost 500,000lbs  plus almost 400,000 addition lbs
from the loaded tender.  It carries 6000 gallons of oil and about 20,000 gallons of water.   The average consumption runs
between 10 to 15 gallons of fuel per mile.  If carrying a heavy load or pulling a grade, it can go as high as 50 to 60 gallons
per mile.  The average water usage is 100 to 125 gallons per mile.

The equivalent horse power at 50 mph is about 4500hp.  Or the h.p. equivalent of the most modern powerful mainline
diesel engines.   Tractive effort is about 69,800lbs when fully steamed up
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Below are our Links to our SP&S 700 Event Photo Pages
ORHF Holiday Express 2006
December 2006
Photo Page  --   Video

In December 2006, the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation hosted the 2006
Holiday Express on the Oregon Pacific Railroad's East Portland Branch.  The
two weekend event, featured the SP&S 700 on the first weekend.   See the
photo page for the SP&S 700 photos.   Major video will be forthcoming.
ORHF photo page of this event
Salem Safety Faire 2006
September 2006
Photo Page  --   Video

In September 2006, the City of Salem, hosted the 2nd annual Safety Faire and
invited the SP&S 700.  Making one it's longer journeys, the 700 left Brooklyn
Yard and staged at Tigard the first day, leaving the next morning for Salem.
The photo page covers the chase from Brooklyn to Salem.  The video is preview
of a combination preview this event and the previous 50th anniversary farewell
to steam event (see below) a full feature video is in the works.
PRPA photo page of this event
50th Anniversary of the Farewell to Steam Excursion
June 2006
Photo Page  --   Video

In June, 2006, the Oregon Pacific Railroad hosted the 50th Annivesary of the
End of Steam Excursion on the OPR's East Portland Branch.  In 1956, the SP&S
700 made its last (so they thought) public run from Portland to Wishram. This
event honors that run 50 years ago and highlights that in fact it wasn't farewell
to Steam or the 700 thanks to the efforts of the PRPA and all of its volunteers.
PRPA photo page of this event
Holiday Express 2005
December 2005
Photo Page  --   Video

In December, 2005, the ORHF hosted the first annual Holiday Express on the
Oregon Pacific Railroad's East Portland Branch.  The first weekend of this event
featured the SP&S 700 and SP 4449, which is why the page is linked from here,
although this event the following weekend was mostly an SP 4449 event.
PRPA photo page of this event
Salem Safety Faire 2005
May 2005
Photo Page  --   Video

In May, 2005, the City of Salem hosted the first Salem Safety Faire and invited
the SP&S 700 to attend.  The above linked photo page and video showcases
the chase from Portland to Salem and the one day event.
PRPA photo page of this event
BNSF Vancouver Christmas Train 2004
December 2004
Photo Page  --   Video

In December 2004, the BNSF hosted the SP&S 700 at the Vancouver BNSF
Yard and featured the 700 on display for its employees and the public
PRPA photo page of this event part 1  part 2
The SP&S 700 is operated and maintained by the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association.
Please visit their
Official SP&S 700 website for the most up to date and accurate information.
2006 Trip to the BNSF Terminal
December 2006

Unfortunately, I couldn't make this event and so I don't have photos or video, but it wouldn't be right to not include it on this
website, so I've linked to the official PRPA's photo page of this event.
Oregon Pacific Railroad Summer Event
July 2007
Photo Page  --   Video

In July, 2007 the OPR hosted a summer event near Oaks Park which included
the SP&S 700 and four of the OPR historical diesels and numerous speeders.
Oregon Pacific Railroad Summer Event
June 2008
Photo Page  --   Video

In June, 2008 the OPR hosted a summer event near Oaks Park which included
the SP&S 700.
ORHF Holiday Express
December 2009
Photo Page

In December 2009, the SP&S 700 returned to the OPR for the ORHF
Holiday Express!