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This page showcases all of our Railroad related home videos. They include full length edited movies as well as
short clips.  All movies were produced by us.   Right now, there are about 6 hours of movies available to view.   
The movies are completely free.  Hope you enjoy.

A tip for downloading.  It works best to save the video to your desktop and watch it from there.  To save the video, simply right click your mouse
(on PCs), highlight "save target as" and click save.  However, if you wish to view streaming, you're more than welcome to just click on the video
links.   The Quicktime movies may be required to download to view and may not stream properly.

Note for dial up users:  I attempted to resize these movies to make them easier to download for dial-up, but the quality was so poor, it wasn't
worth uploading to the site.  So, for now, most movie files are large and optimized for broadband, dsl and other fast connections.  Sorry.

Thanks, Enjoy the videos!

Brian McCamish
Gresham, Oregon USA
Last Update:  November 4, 2008
Short Video Clips
Portland & Western in Action
Whiteson, Oregon - May, 2005 - 10Mb - 2.40 Min

Short clip showing the short lived SD45 that were briefly used on the PNWR as they stopped in Whiteson, Oregon
BNSF in Action
Columbia Gorge, WA - April, 2005 - 18Mb - 5 Min

This video was taken of some of the railroad activity on the north bank of the Columbia River on the BNSF line.
City of Prinevile RR in action
Prineville, OR - Sept, 2004 - 18Mb - 5 Min

This video shows the chase of the City of Prineville RR Dinner Train from Prineville Junction to Prinville, Oregon
Simpson Mill & Diesel No. 900
Shelton, Washington - April, 2004 - 5Mb - 1 Min

This very short video shows the Simpson Timber Company No. 900 near the Simpson Mill in Shelton, WA.
Union Pacific in action around Southern Oregon
Southern Oregon - May, 2004 - 8Mb - 2 Min

This short video shows some Union Pacific Action in southern Oregon
Union Pacific in action around Southern Oregon
Southern Oregon - May, 2004 - 8Mb - 2 Min

This short video shows some Union Pacific Action in southern Oregon
Cowichan Valley Railroad - BC Forest Musuem
Duncan BC - June, 2004 - 13Mb - 3 Min

This video shows the ride on the shortline narrow guage railroad at the BC Forest Museum as seen from their speeder
VIA Rail Coming Home - Victoria, BC
Victoria, BC - June, 2004 - 8Mb - 2 Min

This video shows the VIA Budd cars coming home to the roundhouse in Victoria, BC.
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SP&S 700 50th Anniversary Farewell  to
Steam Event
Portland, Oregon - June, 2006 - 77Mb - 17 Mins
This is a short 17 minute version a version of a 1 hour DVD that was
made of this event. For more information on the event, check out my
page on the "50th Anniversary Farewell to Steam".

This video includes a cab ride in the 700, as well as external and
internal views of the 700 and some special features.

The full DVD version of movie is now available through the
Railroad Preservation Assoc. to help support the SP&S 700.

This movie requires Quicktime which is free.  Click here if you have a PC.
For the Windows version see the movie above.
The Oregon Pacific Railroad in Action
Canby, Oregon - April, 2006 - 30Mb - 8 Mins
This short video was produced for the Oregon Pacific
for use in
Operation Lifesaver programs in Canby grade schools.

The Oregon Pacific wanted a few minutes of footage to
show the kids what their trains look like and what to
watch out for.

Oregon Pacific Railroad page.
The Holiday Express 2005
Portland, Oregon - Dec, 2005 - 167Mb - 47 Mins
This video shows the first Holiday Express Event on the
Oregon Pacific.  Most of the footage is of the 4449, but
includes footage from both weekends, including the first run of
the 4449, the derailment the following day and rerailing of the
700 and 4449, riding the train the following weekend during
the day and the train at night with its Christmas lights.

Check out my
Holiday Express 2005 Page
and my Oregon Pacific Railroad Page.
The Lewis & Clark Explorer
Astoria, Oregon - July, 2005 - 96Mb - 26 Mins
This video shows the now abandoned Lewis &
Clark Explorer as we rode the train in its last year
of operation.  Most of the footage is from the front
and rear cabs and shows rare and interesting
footage of the P&W Astoria line.

Check out my
Lewis & Clark Explorer page
and my Portland & Western Railroad page.
The Sumpter Valley  Railway
Sumpter, Oregon - July, 2005 - 69Mb - 19 Mins
Check out the Sumpter Valley Railway
video.  This video shows the grounds
and facility of the Sumpter Valley Ry as
well as the #19 operating on a hot
summer day.

Check out my
Sumpter Valley Railway Page.
The Astoria Riverfront Trolley
Astoria, Oregon - July, 2005 - 57Mb - 16 Mins
This video is of the Astoria Trolley and
shows both outside and internal views
including the motorman's view.  The view
shows most the route from one end of
Astoria to the other over the extremely
historical Astoria waterfront railroad.

Check out my
Astoria Trolley Page
The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
Locomotive Cab Ride
Garibaldi, Oregon - June, 2005 - 100Mb - 29 Mins
This video shows the Oregon Coast Scenic
Railroad and it's Hiesler Number 2 steam
engine.  The video is a combination of a
cab ride in the Hiesler as well as external

Check out my
Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
Chehalis-Centralia Railroad Locomotive
Cab Ride
Chehalis, WA - July, 2004 - 125Mb - 35 Mins
This was my first full feature railroad video and
my first major attempt at editing a movie of any
kind.   This video shows the crew firing up the
engine, oiling the engine and includes a cab ride.

Check out my
Chehalis-Centralia Railroad Page
Southern Pacific 4449 in Action
Portland, OR - June, 2005 - 50Mb - 14 Mins
This video shows the 4449 preparing for a run to
Sherwood.   Most of the video shows the 4449 at
the Brooklyn Yard and then departing including
a shot going over the Willamette River Bridge.

Check out my
Southern Pacific 4449 Page.
SP&S 700 chase to Salem, OR
Salem, OR - May, 2005 - 97Mb - 26 Mins
This video shows SP&S 700 as it steams up in
the Brooklyn yard and then departs for Salem,
OR.  Most of the video is our chasing of the 700
during that rare long journey.

Check out my
SP&S 700 Mainpage
Mt. Hood Railroad Caboose Ride Pt. 1
Hood River, OR - April, 2005 - 70Mb - 19 Mins

Mt. Hood RR Locomotive Cab Ride Pt. 2
Hood River, OR - April, 2005 - 142Mb - 39 Mins
Part one of these two videos was taken as we
rode the train from Hood River to Parkdale, with
much of the shots taken from the caboose.

Part two of these videos was shot from the
locomotive cab as we rode the locomotive from
Parkdale back to Hood River.

Check out my
Mt. Hood Railroad Page.
Oregon Pacific RR in action
Portland, OR - January, 2005 - 67Mb - 19 Mins
This video shows the Oregon Pacific crews in
action as they interchange traffic in the East
Portland yard and Milwaulkie.

Check out my
Oregon Pacific Railroad Page
SP&S 700 Christmas Train
Vancouver, WA - Dec, 2004 - 48Mb - 13 Mins
This video was taken of the Christmas Train 2004.
The video shows the 700 steamed up in
Vancouver and then departing towards Portland.

Check out my
SP&S 700 Mainpage
Portland & Western, Mac Switcher
McMinnville, OR - Nov, 2004 - 66Mb - 18 Mins
This video shows the chase of the P&W
Mac Switcher between McMinnville and Newberg,
including detailed shots of switching operations in
Newberg, Oregon.

Check out my
Portland & Western RR Page
SP&S 700 Summer 2006 Events Preview
WMV version - 113MB - 36 Mins

SP&S 700 Summer 2006 Events Preview
Quicktime version - 205Mb - 36 Mins
This movie is a new version of the below preview, but instead
of just showcasing the 50th Anniversary End of Steam Run,
more than half of the video previews the 2006 Salem Safety
Faire, including, cab ride, caboose ride footage, trackside
footage and some unique locomotive nose cam footage.  

A full feature Salem Safety Faire 2006 video is in the works.

Available in Windows Media and Quicktime Formatt
Holiday Express III Test video 1
WMV version - 40MB - 11 Mins  

Holiday Express III Test Video 2
WMV version - 65Mb - 18 Mins
These movies are test videos of the Holiday Express III,
December 2007.   There's no fancy editing here, except to
chop the videos to keep them reasonable in length.  No
music or titlles either.   That will come later when a full
feature video is later created.

Video 1 shows the OPR 1202 switching the 4449 and the
Holiday Express consist at East Portland on day 1.

Video 2, show numerous shots of the 4449, both day and
night on day 2.
Steaming through History Part 1
WMV version - 102MB - 28 Mins  

Steaming through History Part 2
WMV version - 186Mb - 51 Mins
Our first full feature video in several years, this video is a two
parter, with part 1 currently available and part 2 under
construction.   The video is about the SP&S 700 and its
recent excursion on the OPR in June of 2008.  This video
contains several camera angles and sounds not seen before
on the 700 and fairly unique in a number of ways.

For photos and more information about this event, check out
this page.
American Steel video
Canby, Oregon - August, 2008 - 101Mb - 28 Mins
SamTrak 4501 crane lift
Milwaukie, Oregon - August, 2008 - 93Mb - 17 Mins
This video is dedicated to American Steel, the OPR's
newest customer on the Molalla Branch and the No.
901, the OPR's newest locomotive.  It shows the 901
switching out American Steel for the first time and the
barbecue given to American Steel and its employees
by the OPR.   Also check out our
American Steel page.
Tour of the Molalla Branch
Canby, Oregon - August, 2008 - 175Mb - 32 Mins
This short video was produced for the Oregon Pacific
for use in
Operation Lifesaver programs in Canby grade schools.

The Oregon Pacific wanted a few minutes of footage to
show the kids what their trains look like and what to
watch out for.

Oregon Pacific Railroad page.
In September, 2008, the SamTrak 4501 of the OPR,
was sold to the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad for use
in repairing their line that was heavily damaged in
winter 2007 storms.   The 4501 was lifted by crane
onto a low boy truck and shipped to Timber, Oregon.  
This video is about those last few hours of the 4501 on
the OPR.   Also check out our
OPR 4501 roster page
for more pictures.