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Pictures can be of any railroad, any where in the world.   They can be of abandoned or modern railroads, sites or equipment and they can
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Thank you and hope you enjoy these pictures.  And thanks to everyone that has submitted photos here.

Brian McCamish
Gresham, Oregon USA

In addition to the folks who contributed photos for this page, the following people also were kind enough share photos and information to
this website.  But instead of posting them here, their photos or information are included in our specific articles that their photos relate
too.  Each name links to at least one article in which they contributed too.  More names will be added as I'm sure I've missed a few.  

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Last Update:  December 2, 2004  
Photos Courtesy Of: Eileen Brazil  - Photographer: Jerry Gaiser
Railroad: E.J. Sherman Lumber Company  - Location: area of North Plains, OR  - Photo date: 10/2004

Eileen was very kind enough to send me these pictures and allow me to post them.  They are the remains of a 1913  2-truck Lima Shay
(CN 2622, 11x12 cylinders, 32" wheels, 100,000 lbs).   This Shay was Simpson Logging Company #10, later loaned to the Fredson
Brothers Logging Company as their #10 from 1923-1925.  In 1928 it was sold to the E.J. Sherman Lbr. Company of Mountaindale, Oregon
where it was their #3.  In 1937 it was wrecked in a runaway wreck that unfortunately killed a poor lady, named Mrs. Griffels, who was
walking down the tracks.   

As the story goes, the Shay was leased to another company who was charged with tearing out the line.  They had a long load of rails, but
the locomotive got away down a long downhill grade.   It left the tracks on a curve.   The water tank that you see here, seperated from the
Shay's chassis and rolled about 300 feet down a hill and landed up right.   As late as the 1970s, the words Simpson Logging Co. was still
visible on one side of the tank.   The locomotive remains that were close to the tracks were later salvaged, but the tank was left behind
and still remains in it's resting place after more than 67 years.

Thanks to Eileen Brazil for the photos and to Jon Davis for specific information on the locomotive.
Photos Courtesy Of: Matt Wolford
Railroad: See Captions - Location: See captions - Photo date: See captions

Matt was kind enough to send me a number of very interesting photos of trestle remains.  Most were taken several years ago and
include a number of very interesting abandoned railroad remains from all over Oregon and elsewhere.
Corvalis & Eastern trestle
across the North Fork of
the Santiam River in Mill
City, Oregon.  7/93
Remains of Astoria &
Columbia River RR trestle in
foreground w/ Astoria
Southern trestle remains in
the background.  11/96
Bear Creek Logging Co. trestle and grade remains,
southeast of Sandy, Oregon.  2/98
Three Consolidated Timber Co. trestles near Brown's Camp, Oregon.   2/98
Cobbs Mitchel trestle
pilings  near old Valsetz
lakebed, Valsetz, OR.
Hammond Lumber Co.
railroad grade off of the
Brietenbush Hwy north of
Detroit, Oregon. 6/96
Valley & Siletz railroad
trestle crossing the
Lukiamute River just west
of Seekay, OR. 6/99
Portland & Southwestern
trestle across the
Nehalem River, 1 mile
north of the Pittsburg, OR
junction. 2/98
Burned out trestle of the
Willamette Valley Lumber
Co. 2.2miles down the
grade from Black Rock,
Oregon.  3/97
This is a photo of the end
of the POTB spur at
Cochran, Oregon, which
is the old Blue Lake Lgg.
Co. line. 2/99
This is the trestle across Mill Creek in Wendling, OR for the
Booth Kelly L. Co. boiler house spur. On the southern part of
the trestle, the wooden piling was still up.  Both pics taken
8/95.   When Matt returned to the trestle site in 2002, the
wooden pilings were gone.
Booth Kelly L. Co. trestle
base at bottom and grade
at top, across Mill Creek,
about 1.2 miles up Mill
Creek from the dam.  3/97
Photo of piling of Bitner
Shingle & Plug Co. in
Montgomery Slough
south of Toledo, OR.  10/95
Photo of piling of Cobbs
Mitchel L. Co. on the east
side of Valsetz Lake.
Valsetz, Oregon. 11/95
This is a photo of the
Beaver Creek Lgg. Co.
crossing Beaver Creek
after leaving the SP&S
Vernonia, OR  Branch.  5/96
Southern Pacific tracks in
Dallas, Oregon looking
north. This track was part
of the line that ran to
Ballston.  9/98
Flora Lgg. Co. trestle
northwest of Carlton,
Oregon  3/00
Flora Lgg. Co. locomotive
headlight at Camp 1.  3/00
Flora Lgg. Co. rail car parts
at Camp 1.  3/00
Old warehouse at the old
Independence, Oregon
yards. Track in foreground
is current P&W Railroad.  
Ties still in place on the
grade of the Willamette
Valley L. Co. off of the
upper K-Line.  1/99
Oregon American trestle about .1mile east of Keasy,
Oregon.  4/00
Ex- OP&E switcher at
Oregon Pacific RR at
Liberal, Oregon.  9/00
Concrete foundation and
grade of Rujada L. Co.
taken on Row River.  7/00
Scrappers tearing up old PRP+L line on Powell Bvd., east of
Gresham, Oregon. 2/99
Trestle piling of Rujada L.
Co. taken near Row River,
Oregon.  7/00
Old boxcar laying beside
V&S grade, near Valsetz,
Oregon.  11/00
Photos Courtesy Of: Rob of (A great website about exploring WA state abandoned mines!)
Railroad: Everett and Monte Cristo RR  - Location: Monte Cristo, Washington  - Photo date: 8/2004

Rob allowed me to use these cool photos of the abandoned Monte Cristo railroad turn table that is located near the old town site.
Monte Cristo was a large mine town at one time, but is abandoned today, along with the railroad that ran to it.  The RR was first laid to this
town in 1892 to ship ore from the local mines back to Everett Washington.  It was abandoned several times but abandoned for the last
time in the early 1930s.  The turntable likely dates to the original days of the line.   Visit Rob's
Justice Mine article, in which the turn table
was photographed.  
Abandoned turntables in any condition are rare, so this is a neat find.  Thanks Rob for allow me to post these pictures!
Photos Courtesy Of: Jack Southworth
Railroad: Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac RR - Location: Richmond, VA  - Photo date: 9/2004

Jack sent in these pictures of a wooden RF&P railroad caboose # 935.  It's located at the John B. Cary Elementary School, in
Richmond, Virginia and was just restored by volunteers from the local power company (Dominion Power) in 2002.

This caboose has a bit of an interesting history.  It built in 1943, using a steel frame and wood body.   It, along with several other
cabooses were coverted from stock cars.   I would imagine this was likely due to shortages since it was built smack in the middle of
World War Two.   In 1971, it was retired, but later brought back to service and  renumbered 955, until was retired for good in April, 1981.
Jack says that he believes this caboose might be used as a
classroom.   It looks very nice!
Photos Courtesy Of:  William Coleman
Railroad: Simpson Timber Company - Location: Shelton, WA - Photo date: unknown

William sent these pictures in of the Simpson Timber Company Roundhouse and several of it's locomotives.  Pictures were taken
recently, but not sure of exact date.   More information and these photos can also be found on my
Simpson Timber Railroad Page.
Vance Creek Bridge,
An abandoned
Simpson steel bridge
in the mid 1990s
High Steel Bridge in the early
Dolby Creek bridge  in
May, 1993,
Driving over an abandoned
Simpson RR bridge in 2004.
An old store that was filmed in
the 1960 railroad related
Ring of Fire
An abandoned snow plow from
the mid 1990s
Photos Courtesy Of:  Grant James
Railroad: Weyerhauser/Southern Pacific - Location: Springfield, OR  - Photo date: late 1986 or early 1987

Grant sent these pictures in of the Weyerhauser locomotives on the Southern Pacific Wendling Branch just before the line was
abandoned.   More information and these photos can also be found on my
SP Wendling Branch Page.
Photos Courtesy Of:  Todd Kennedy
Railroad: Portland & Western, Oregon Electric and more - Location: Portland Metro Area, OR  - Photo date: 2004

Todd sent in these various pictures of both abandoned and actives in and around the Portland area.   See photo captions for more info.
Old Oregon Electric RR, now
used by the Portland &
Pilings of the old Oregon Electric bridge over Fanno Creek.  
A new pedestrian bridge replaced the railroad bridge
Abandoned Oregon Electric industrial spur lines in the west Portland Metro Area.
The Oregon-Electric (Burlington Northern) North entrance of the Cornelius Pass tunnel.  This tunnel was closed for many years
and then recently reopened by the Portland & Western who now operates the line.
Remains of Oregon-Electric trestle that used to
cross Hwy 26, near Hillsboro.  The trestle was
removed in the mid to late 1990s.
Trestle at Bowers Junction, near the above
pictured tunnel.  Line now used by the Portland
& Western.
These photos show some remains of the Portland Traction Company near Milwaulkee.  Some of
these old tracks are abandoned, but the mainline is still in use by the
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
Photos Courtesy Of: Rod Wilkinson (Australia!)
Railroad: Unknown - Location: Somewhere in Australia  - Photo date: 2004 (I believe)

Rod sent me these photos from Australia.  How often do you seen abandoned railroad pictures from over there?  
Photos Courtesy Of: Frank Calia
Railroad: Carlton & Coast RR - Location: near Carlton, Oregon  - Photo date: 2004

Frank sent me these pictures of a possible bridge of the abandoned Carlton & Coast RR (abandoned 1940) near Carlton, Oregon.
It's possible this was an original bridge converted to a vehicle bridge or that only parts of the bridge were used.  The bridge and road is
definitely located on the old RR grade.
Portland & Western SD-9 in
McMinnville, Oregon.
Check out my
P&W page
for more pictures and info.
mysterious piece of iron
found under the above
pictured bridge, probably
dating to the RR days.
Photos Courtesy Of: Fred Hyde
Railroad: Milwaukee Road - Location: Eastern Montana  - Photo date: 8/2004

Fred emailed me this picture of this unique abandoned find.  Here what he said:  I just discovered your site...we missed each other in this
same vicinity by about five days in eastern Washington. I also covered much of the Milwaukee in Eastern Montana...witness the
still-standing signals on the old grade, 24 years after the last train and 22 years after the line was pulled out. Lenses are intact, as are
the guts in the bases and the bulbs in the head. Photo taken August 23, 2004 - Nikon D-70 w/28-85 AF-S lens
if you wish to submit any photos or have any questions or comments, you can Email me anytime.

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Photos Courtesy Of:  Dennis Myers
Railroad: Simpson Timber Company - Location: Shelton, WA - Photo date: early to mid 1990s

Dennis sent these pictures in of the Simpson Timber Company and related abandoned railroads.   More information and these photos
can also be found on my
Simpson Timber Railroad Page.
Photos Courtesy Of: Phil Schmierer, Conductor UPRR, Dunsmuir Ca
Railroad: Milwaukee Road - Location: Cascade summit tunnel - Photo date: 8/2004

Phil emailed me these neat pictures.  Here what he said:  Attached is a photo of the west end of MILW's Cascade summit tunnel.  If you
ever get a chance, put this on your list for a bicycle ride.  It's only a 1.7 percent compensated grade and you barely have to pedal down
the hill.  It's about a 25 mile ride and just beautiful.  There's state parks at each end to park your rigs at so they aren't just sitting beside
the road out in the boon docks. My friend and I did it in 8 hours as we were stopping about every few feet to examine remains of the
electrification project that this railroad had. MILW was electrified from I believe it was about 1916 until 1972, Othello to Tacoma. As you
know the MILW ceased operations west of Miles City Montana in 1980.  Also attached is a shot on top of one of the old steel trestles
with the "gallows" from which the trolley wire hung for the electrics.

Also check out Phil's website at: