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Last Update:  December 30, 2005
Location:  Near Reedsport, OR  - Status:  Active
Railroad:  CORP - Years: ?   Photo date: 9/2004

This rare active Wig-wag is one two that remain on the ex-Southern Pacific lines
in Southern Oregon, now used by the CORP Railroad.  Visit my
Central Oregon
and Pacific Railroad page for more pictures and info.
Location: Metolius, OR  - Status:  Abandoned
Railroad:  BNSF - Years: 1911-?   Photo date: 9/2004

This semaphore was originally used by the Oregon Trunk railroad at the
Metolious Depot, pictured here.   Today the line is actively used by the BNSF, but
the depot and the semaphore have been abandoned for some time.
Check out my
Oregon Trunk RR page for more info.
Location: Banks, OR  - Status:  Active
Railroad:  POTB - Years: ?   Photo date: 10/2004

A very rare wig-wag signal and one of only two that remain on the Port of
Tillamook Bay Railroad, an ex-Southern Pacific between Banks and Tillamook,
Oregon.  This signal is located at the north end of Banks.   It's one of two that was
originally at this location, but the other was destroyed in an accident recently.  Visit
Port of Tillamook Bay page for more pictures and info.
Location: Carlton, OR  - Status: Inactive/Display
Railroad:  SP - Years: 1920s-1980s   Photo date: 2/2004

Located in Carlton along the Southern Pacific St. Joseph branch.  The line was
abandoned and torn up in the late 1980s, but this wig-wag and the depot behind it
still exist.  The wig wag was turned 90 degrees on it's base and is now inactive
and on display near the depot, which has been turned into a private business.
Location: Toledo, OR  - Status: Inactive/Display
Railroad:  ? - Years: ?  Photo date: 7/2004

This wig-wag is on display near the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Society Locomotive,
Caboose and museum display in Toledo, Oregon.   It was moved here from
another location (can't remember where) and is on loan to the YPRHS for display
puposes.  They have it hooked up to power and it does still work.
Location: Reedsport, OR  - Status: Active
Railroad:  CORP - Years: ?  Photo date: 11/2004

This is the red approach signal to the Reedsport Swing bridge on the CORP
Coos Bay branch.   The bridge is normally left open and the light is always on.
Visit my
CORP page for more info.
Location: Coquille, OR  - Status: Abandoned
Railroad:  CORP - Years: ?  Photo date: 11/2004

Located a few  hundred yards east of where the CORP line currently ends in
Coquille are these abandoned crossing signals that used to protect a driveway
into a trailer park.   Visit my
CORP page for more info.
Location: Coquille, OR  - Status: Abandoned
Railroad:  CORP - Years: ?  Photo date: 11/2004

The are the remains of highway crossing signals that used to protect this
highway.  They are located where the CORP track now ends in Coquille.  Visit my
CORP page for more info.
Location: Bovill, Idaho - Status: Abandoned crossing signals
Railroad: Milkaukee Road - Years: 1910-1980s  Photo date:

These crossing signals near Bovill, ID, were part of the ex-Milkaukee Road Elk
River branch that ran from St. Maries to Elk River.  Today, the tracks end here at
Bovill.  The rest of the line to Elk River was torn out in the early 1980s.  More on
this page.
Location: Portland, Oregon - Status: Relocated, on display
Railroad: Unknown - Years: Unknown  Photo date: 1/2005

This semaphore was on display in front of a fake depot style building near
Vancouver Ave and Lombard in Portland, Oregon.   It original location or RR is
unknown. Today it's on display in the parking lot what looks like a model RR club
Location: Drain, Oregon - Status: Active
Railroad: CORP - Years: ?  Photo date: 2005

Some of the last semaphores in the United States are located on the
ex-Southern Pacific, now Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad branches.
These semaphores are located in Drain and guard a mill spur line and siding.
Location: Timber, Oregon - Status: Active
Railroad: POTB - Years: Unknown  Photo date: 8/2005

One of two remaining wig-wag crossing signals left on the POTB and one of
about half a dozen left in the entire state.  This one is exists on the main road
through Timber, Oregon.
Location: Klickitat, WA - Status: Abandoned
Railroad: BN - Years: - 1992  Photo date: 4/2005

This is one of the last remaining railroad crossings of the now abandoned
Burlington Northern Goldendale Branch.   This was located at the mill site which
kept the line alive in it's last years until abandoned in 1992.   The sign stands
alone, with no sign of any tracks or ties, the road long since paved over.
If anyone has any further information on any of the above pictured signals that you'd like to share,
you can
Email me anytime.  Thanks.
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