This page includes photos submitted by my Uncle, Geron Marcom
(pictured above actually driving a locomotive).   
Last Update:  July 26, 2006
Geron Marcom Photos

Visit the Portola RR Museum Website.

The Portola Railroad Museum is a neat little museum located in Portola, California.  It's collection concentrates heavily on
early diesel locomotives and the history of the Western Pacific Railroad.   One unique feature of the museum is that some
visitors can actually drive a locomotive around on the museum grounds!   These photos were taken by my
Uncle, Geron Marcon, when he visited the museum several years ago.
Southern Pacific Baldwin 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive
This locomotive was recently purchased by the Feather River Rail Society which operates out of the Portola RR Museum.   It was built in 1913
and served until 1958, when it was donated to Kings County and placed in a park in Hanford, California.   In 1996, the FRRS purchased the
locomotive and brought it here.  Not sure what the future plans are for it, but it appears to sitting on display, possibly awaiting a future, at least
cosmetic, restoration.
Quincy RR # 4
Is an Alco S-1, built in
Western Pacific RR # 805-A
EMD FP7, built in 1950
Click the picture on right for addition info.
Western Pacific RR # 512
Another Alco S-1, built in 1940
Western Pacific RR # 501
The first diesel to ever be tested and later purchased by the Western Pacific was
this very 1939 Alco S-1.  Click picture on right for more details.
Kennecott Copper 908
Alco RS-3, built in1950
Union Pacific 849
EMD GP30,  built in 1962.
Union Pacific later absorbed
the Western Pacific in 1982.
Western Pacific RR # 608
EMD NW2u,  built in 1940
Pictures on left show the interior.   The locomotive is the orange unit in the picture
on the right, sitting along side SP's # 2873, an EMD GP9, built in 1956.
Western Pacific # 2001 sits behind # 608 and is an EMD GP20, built in 1959.
Western Pacific 921-D
EMD F7A, built in 1950
This F7A was the passenger train version of this type of locomotive.   It appears to be one of the units the museum allows visitors to drive on the
tracks owned by the museum.   Geron is sitting in the engineer's seat and actually operating the locomotive!
Missouri Pacific # 13878
Built 9/80 by International Car
Co.  It appears to be the type of
caboose that leads reverse
running trains and is equipped
with horn, special lights, and
platforms for greater visibility.
Sacramento Northern Caboose 1632 (green caboose)
Western Pacific # 614 (silver/red caboose)

# 1632 is a Single-sheathed cupola caboose, rebuilt from
boxcar 15303 in 1938 by WP (which owned the SN).  # 614 was
rebuilt in the same manner by WP in 1937.
UP Caboose # 25283
Model CA-5.  Built in
December, 1952.  Appears to
have been cosmetically
ATSF Caboose # 999197 (197)
Santa Fe Ce-1, Ex. ATSF 507. Built 3/49 by American Car & Foundry.  The caboose pictured on the right as seen from the cupola of this
caboose is Southern Pacific # 4107, a C-40-4, built in July, 1961.
Union Pacific / WPMW # 37
This crane originally belonged to Western Pacific, hence the WPMW stenciled on the frame.  UP absorbed the WP and this crane later had a
UP logo added that is now faded.  This is a 200 ton capacity Industrial Brownhoist wrecking crane.  Originally built in 1937 and originally
powered by steam, it was converted to diesel power in the early 1970s, using a 500 horsepower Caterpiller Diesel engine and is still fully
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