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Back around 1969, my Dad, Michael McCamish, purchased a brand new Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 from a local
Toyota dealership in California.  Not long after purchasing it, the nearly new Toyota F series inline 6 cylinder
engine was pulled and sold to a friend.  In it's place, was installed a brand new Chevy 350 V-8, using parts that he
made.   Belonging to a local Landcruiser club,  my Dad took this very Toyota over the famous Rubicon trail many
times and participated in some of the early Jeeper Jamborees over the Rubicon.   It was later sold around
1972/1973 not long before I was born and I never got to see it in person.   My Dad has owned several Ford 4X4
trucks over the years, but it was not until very recently that he bought another Toyota 4x4, a
2001 Toyota Tacoma.

The following pictures are from my Dad and are of his old Land Cruiser and of other Land Cruisers belong to his
friends.  They were taken between 1969 and 1972.   

My Dad's 1969 Landcruiser FJ-40 is easily distinquished by it's two red jerry gas cans mounted on the front side
fenders and tan color.  Note the WARN winch.  This was one of the first electric winches made by WARN, which is
now based here in Portland, Oregon.
Most of the below pictures were taken in summer 1970 and winter 1971.  Most of are of my
Dad's Land Cruiser FJ40 and were taken on the Rubicon trail in California.  My Dad's
Land Cruiser is distinguished by it's tan color and red jerry can mounts and jerry cans
mounted on the sides of the front fender.
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Pictures of some front end damage that resulted from a high jump.   This ended in non-drivable damage and injury,
but everyone was OK in the end and the Landcruiser was repaired
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