These pictures are courtesy SSgt. Randy Ellison, USMC.
This is a 1999 or newer Land Cruiser HDJ-78.  It could possibly be an HZJ-78.   This rig is owned and used by the
U.S. Army Special Forces and is currently stationed in Japan.   Modifications were made in Australia and
include, among other things an ARB snorkel, bumper, winch and overhead rack. .
Luis Pages designed this 1987 FJ70 Soft top for the Venezuelan Army & Toyota of Venezuela. Only one in
the world TMC.  Modifications: Steel Hood, Dual tires at the sides, Rancho RS7000 shocks. Luis designed
the entire Spring suspension rear dual stage to hold 1800Kg from the 106 recoiless canon, 6 granades,
Military Radio, and 4 passengers, tires were Super Fangeros1(Venezuelan Super Swampers by Goodyear
7.50x16) top speed 140kmph fully loaded.
These are military Landcruiser 70 series models who are fitted for serious combat duty.  I'm not sure
what country these models are based in.  If anyone has any further information or more pictures of
combat fitted 70 series models, please email me.
This is an Australian Royal Air Force Military Police vehicle.   Australia uses lots of Landcruisers
and Hiluxs as government and military transportation.
This is a fairly rare U.S. military Toyota Land Cruiser 75.  A 1990 model.  It was donated to the Gulf war
effort by Japan and served part of it's life in the Middle East.   It was then transfered to Japan where it served
as a crash/fire truck at a U.S. Marine Corp Air Station.  It was recently surplussed in Japan and purchased by
Dave Stedman.  It has since been modified for off roading.  For current pictures, please visit my
Land Cruiser
75 page.
Pictures are courtisy of Dave Stedman.
More USMC & USN Land Cruiser pictures from Japan.  These are courtisy of SSgt. Randy
Ellison, USMC.   Thanks goes out to him for his effort in taking these pictures.
This late model LC78 was recently converted to a
fire truck for use in Brazzaville, Congo, by
Gibralter Stock Holdings
An LC75 ambulance or red cross vehicle.
These are later model Land Cruisers which were converted by Gilbralter Stock Holdings, a major
international Toyota dealer and sold to overseas aid agencies such as the United Nations and Red
Cross.  Most of the above conversions are ambulances.  Ambulances are an extremely popular Land
Cruiser conversion and are commonly used in 3rd world countries where roads are all but non-existent.
A Land Cruiser 70 series used by the American Special Forces troops
fighting in Afghanistan.
A couple of Israeli Police Land Cruisers.  On the left appears to be an
LC73.  On the right, an LC75 troopie.
A reader sent these pictures in.  Not sure where these Cruisers were, but some appear to belong to the
UN and KFOR.
Land Cruiser 70 series