Land Cruiser 40 series
A military version of an early Land Cruiser 40 series.  (Australian Military?)
This is a very recent picture of an old
Land Cruiser 45 series launching a
missle during fighting in Kirkuk, Iraq.
This Land Cruiser is owned by the
An early Australian Navy 40
series.  Australia has used
Landcruisers in it's military and
government since the late 1950s.
These fire trucks were originally from Denmark.  The conversion to
firetruck was done by Meisner-Jensen in Odense Denmark.   They were
used by the Danish fire and rescue company called "Falck" (Falcon
in danish).
New information about these trucks couristy
This is actually technically a Toyota Bandeirante, which was produced in
Brazil through 2001, but because I don't have a Military Bandeirante page and
it looks just like a 40 series, I put this picture here.  Sent in by a reader.  Not
sure of the location, but most likely somewhere in South American.  For more
information on the Bandeirante, please visit my
Toyota Bandeirante page.
A 1963 45 series fire truck, probably from Japan.  Landcruiser fire trucks are very common in Japan.
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