These are brand new combat fitted Landcruiser 100 models.  What makes these vehicle so interesting is
the fact that most people consider this model Landcruiser to be the ulimate in luxery as opposed to a
combat vehicle.  But these are not your soccer mom SUVs.   What is also interesting, is the fact the IFS
LC100 models are used, despite the fact that solid axle versions of the LC100 are available.  IFS, may
in fact, be the better suspension for the type of terrain that it will see, sand and dunes.   These were
apparently set up in Australia and then shipped off to an unknown Arab country.  Anyone have
further info?
Pictures sent in from Rob (RobDog on the message board)  This is what Rob wrote.

These pictures are from my co-worker stationed in Baghdad.  This is what they gave him  to drive around.  [A
white Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series] The story behind the ahhem Holy LC is that they were on a patrol
through a building and when they came back out that is what was left…  I'm just glad they weren't in it when it
happened.  The other picture is him and his replacement LC.

Thanks for the pictures Rob.
A late model LC100 series Police vehicle from
Land cruiser 100 series