Hilux trucks & Surfs
This is an Australian Royal Air Force Military Police vehicle.   Australia uses lots of Landcruisers
and Hiluxes as government and military transportation.
Columbian Police Hiluxes.  These are pictures from a Canadian Police website, but the Hiluxes are
Columbia, South America.
Hilux Police vehicles from the
Northern Territories, Australia
This is a 2WD Hilux.
South African Police Hilux, also
A couple of Hilux trucks used by the Northern Allience
in Afghanistan.  Not to be confused with the Tacomas
used by the American special forces over there.   See the
Military Tacoma Page.
Israeli Police Hilux 4x4s.  The truck on the left appears to be an early to mid 1990s model.  The two
middle trucks are late 1990s models, while the one on the right is a 2001 and newer model.
Toyota Hilux pick-ups outfitted for military duty.  Some of these were originally used by the bad guys
before being confiscated by the U.S. Military.  Pictures were taken by and are courtesy of  Chris McKearn
and were taken in and around the U.S. Bagrahm Air Base in Afghanistan.
A Hilux Surf (4Runner) being used by U.S. Special Forces, most likely in Afghanistan.  This is a foreign
Surf, as opposed to an American 4Runner, because of the right hand  drive.  However, I don't have any
other information on it.