Picture on the left used by permission of:
Ehsan Kiani,
Islamabad Jeep Club,
This Toyota military truck is shrouded in mystery.   It was designed, much like the original
Landcruiser, to be used by the Japanese Defense Force and the U.S. military stationed in Asia.   It
almost looks identical to a Dodge M-37, but it's indeed a completely different truck, designed by
Toyota.  It uses the Landcruiser inline 6 cylinder petrol motors or the diesel.   It was built sometime
between the 1950s and 1960s.   A few were sold surpluss and used in Japan and even Australia as farm
or utility trucks.   Nothing else is known about these models.  If you have any information, any at all,
please email me.   I'm completely in the dark about these extreme rare Toyota 4X4s.
These pictures were borrowed from www.owens-export.com
Toyota FQ-10 / FQ-15 / HQ-15