Land Cruisers 80 series
1989-1997 - Updated 0-00-5
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Land Cruiser 70 series
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Land Cruiser 40 series
1960-1984 - Updated 0-00-05
The military versions of the civilian Toyota Land Cruiser, Tacoma and Hilux 4x4s have been used by military
forces all over the world, in Asia, South America and the Middle East, for more than 50 years.  The types of
military that use these machines range from the modern and sophisticated Australian military, to the archaic
and now defeated Taliban government of Afghanistan.  Originally, I had thought the U.S. military did not
currently use military Toyotas, but I have since been corrected.   Japan donated a number of Land Cruiser
75s to the U.S. military for the 1st Gulf War effort and they were used in a variety of functions at U.S.
military bases all over the world.   Apparently, even a Land Cruiser 80 was used by General Norman
Schwarzkopf.  The Land Cruiser and Hilux is still used extensively today by American and other military
forces in the Middle East.   Even the American built Toyota Tacoma was used in combat by American special
forces in Afghanistan.  Many of these Tacomas were literally purchased off of the showroom floor in the
U.S. and pressed into combat service in Afghanistan after minor modifications, still sporting their shiny
factory paint jobs and aluminum wheels!   Below you'll see pictures of all these mentioned military Toyotas
and more.

Toyota 4x4s were also commonly used as fire trucks.  You'll see a common fire truck design pattern carried
over 3 generations of Land Cruisers.  These very specially designed Land Cruisers were originally designed
as fire trucks for the crowded cities of Japan, but they have been found scattered all over the world,
including in Africa on game ranges.   Currently, many military and civilian police organizations all over the
world use Toyota 4X4s as well.  

For pictures of other types of commercially and privately used Toyotas, including my own heavily modified  
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Many of the pictures you'll see of U.S. military Land Cruiser 70 and 80 series were personally taken by SSgt.
Randy Ellison, USMC.   Much thanks goes to him for sending me these pictures.

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Land Cruisers BJ & 25 series
1950-1959 - Updated 0-00-05
Toyota FQ-10 / FQ-15 / HQ-15
195? - 196? - Updated 0-00-05
Now including Police and Fire Toyota 4x4s
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