Series 78 and 79
The Landcruiser 78
and 79 series replaced the 75
series long wheelbase models in
1999.  Toyota made several
significant, although not very
apparent changes, that make
this the best Landcruiser, and
perhaps best off road vehicle of
all time.
In 1999, Toyota introduced the most significant update to the long wheel base 70 series since its introduction in
1984.  The new series was called the 78 or 79 and was sold exclusively in long wheelbase pick-up or troop carrier
models.   The new 78 series looked identical to the older versions, but was actually wider and had more interior
room.  In addition, the front and rear suspension was revised.  Solid axles were retained, but the front now used
coil springs and a lighter duty axle, similar to the 80 series design.    While slightly lighter duty, the improvement
in highway ride and handling was dramatic, while little if any off road durability was sacrificed.  
The rear had longer leaf springs and 5 widely spaced tire lugs were used instead of 6 lugs on previous models.  
Often, the 5 lug wheels are the easiest way to distinguish a 1999 and newer 70 series Land Cruiser as from a
distance they appear identical to an earlier model.   Front and rear electric lockers are optional.  Some models
even got a snorkel as a standard factory option.   By 2002, Toyota finally included its most powerful 4.2 liter
1HD-FTE turbo diesel as an optional engine in the 78 series.   All of this makes the 78 series, the most off road
capable and heaviest duty Land Cruiser ever built.   And hopefully Toyota will see fit to continue production for
many more years to come.  It's possible, this is the last highly off road capable Land Cruiser Toyota will build,
unless Toyota takes the unlikely step of creating an all new direct replacement for this series.
Specs of the Landcruiser 78
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Landcruiser 78 series  brochures and reviews
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These late model Land Cruiser 78/79 models that are outfitted by Gibralter holdings for use by
government and civilian aid agencies for use in developing countries.  These vehicles are commonly
purchases and used by agencies like the United Nations and Red Cross.  They can be found on this
website.  Very interesting.  or click
A right hand drive LC78 dash
The current generation - long wheelbase
Front and rear suspension of the current model 78/79 series.  
Front coil springs, longer rear springs and rear disk brakes
are some of the upgrades added in 1999 by Toyota.  Also note
the 5 lugs.  Toyota switched from 6 to 5 lugs, supposedly to
prevent accidently installing the prior generation wheels,
which limited the turning radius.