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Albert Sperry Kerry Sr.
The original owner and builder
of the famous Kerry Railroad.  
This photo taken around the time
period the railroad was constructed.
Photo courtesy of  Eric Erickson
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Welcome to the main page of our multi-page article on the Kerry Timber Company, K-P Timber Company and Columbia & Nehalem River
Railroad.    This article is one of many regarding abandoned railroads that can be found on our
Active & Abandoned Railroads of the Northwest Page.

However, the Kerry Railroad is a special project for us.  We've been exploring and researching the history for several years now and have
now explored many miles of abandoned grades.   The significance of this logging railroad to Oregon history cannot be overstated, however,
very little is written about it, which is largely why I started this article and have spent so much time exploring and researching the history of
this railroad.   What you see here is only a fraction of the photos and information that I've discovered in our field exploration.   Please check
back, as I have much more to add in the coming weeks and months.    If you have anything to contribute, including photos or information,
please don't hesitate to
email me anytime.   Past readers please note that I've made some changes to this article and it's pages to better
allow for the future expansion of this article and project.

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