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Part 5 of 8  Neverstill to Deep Creek Bridge
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Map of this section of railroad grades covered on this page.
Not much may remain of this trestle, but its one of the best preserved trestles along the Kerry Mainline.  Matt Wolford found this site several years ago and show me
recently.   Likely, the majority of this trestle burned in a fire, but the center bents over the creek survived and remain standing today.   Photos:  2007
Matt Wolford cutting our way to another trestle site.   On this one most of the pilings remain, but the rest of the trestle is gone.   This trestle did not appear be a
victim of fire, but was likely partly disassembled at some point or the top deck long ago rotted away.  Photos: 2007
This was an interesting site.  Unfortunately, like most things in the woods, they are hard to distinguish from the native brush in pictures and are far more interesting
in person.   What we have here is abandoned donkey sled.   It was apparently pushed up into the trees, scrapped and the remains left behind.  Today, only the two
main logs and some metal bolts and brackets remain.  Photos: 2007
Matt Wolford discovers a huge trestle bolt at a trestle site where little else remained, most likely burned and completely destroyed by fire.   Also found along the
grade was this  contraption, which appeared to be a hook and spindle of some type.  Photos: 2007
More of the same trestle.   Photos: 2007