Other Mines & Ghost towns
Photos from 2000-2002 and more that are not
included in our major trip reports
Last update:  coming soon
Abandoned Tygh Valley Powerhouse & Dam
Oregon - August, 2005 - New! Updated!
Fire Lookouts & Lighthouses
Last update:  April 23, 2008
Horse Heaven Mine & Ghost town
Oregon - August, 2005
Scenic & Other Interesting Photos  
Last update:  November 24, 2005
Exploring the Hells Canyon & more
Oregon - August, 2005
Exploring Abandoned RRs of Eastern WA & ID
Washington / Idaho - August, 2004
Exploring the abandoned Simpson Timber RR
Washington  - April, 2004
Significant Mines We've Visited
Amity Mine --- Oregon
Blewett Mines & Mill ---- Oregon
Blue Jacket Mine ---- Idaho
Blue Ridge Mine ---- Oregon
Bobtail Mine ---- Washington
Cabell City Mines & Mill ---- Oregon
Columbia Mine ---- Oregon
Copper Cliff Mine & Mill ---- Idaho
Crown Mine ---- Oregon
De Lamar Mine & Mill ---- Idaho
E & E Mine & Mill ---- Oregon
Fackler Mine & Mill ----  Washington
Glass Butte Mines & Mill ---- Oregon
Golconda Mine & Mill ----  Oregon
Golden Crown Mine ---- Washington
Horse Heaven Mine ---- Oregon
Independence Mine ---- Oregon
Labellevue Mines & Mill ---- Oregon
Maiden’s Dream Mine ---- Oregon
Macy Mine ---- Oregon
Meteor Tunnel  ---- Washington
Minnie May Mine ---- Oregon
Mother Lode Mine ---- Oregon
Ochoco Mine ---- Oregon
Pike’s George Mine ---- Oregon
Pole Pick Mine & Mill ---- Washington
Queen Oregon Mine ---- Oregon
Record Mines ----- Oregon
Red Boy Mine ---- Oregon
Silver King Mine ---- Oregon
Simplot Mine ---- Oregon
Southern Star Mines ---- Oregon
Stithum Mine ---- Oregon
Virden Mines ---- Washington
Virtue Mines ---- Oregon
War Eagle Mtn Mines ---- Idaho
Exploring the Mines of the Cascade Mtns
Washington  - June, 2003
Exploring the Elkhorn Mine District
Oregon - June, 2003  Article repaired
Lower Hells Canyon & Seven Devils Mine Dist.
Oregon / Idaho - May, 2003  Article repaired
Exploring the Abandoned Springwater RR
Oregon - April, 2003 Article repaired
Exploring the Abandoned K-P Logging RR
Oregon - March, 2003-2008
Exploring Silver City & War Eagle Mtn Mines
Oregon / Idaho - August, 2002  Article repaired
Other Historical Sites of Interest
DeGarmo Canyon ---- Oregon
Fremont Powerhouse & Flume ---- Oregon
Indian Rock Fire Lookout ---- Oregon
Hells Canyon (Lower) ---- Oregon / Idaho
Hells Canyon (Upper) ---- Oregon / Idaho
Leslie Gulch ---- Oregon
Petroglyph Lake ---- Oregon
Red Top Fire Lookout ---- Washington  
Sumpter Dredge ---- Oregon
A personal website by Matt Wolford who explores both abandoned railroads
and mines.  Very interesting and rare photos of remote historic sites.

2DrX Explorations
A great personal site about exploring historical mines in and around
Washington with excellent articles and reports!

Expeditions West  & Expedition Portal
A well designed site about folks who explore remote regions of the country
and world in well equipped Toyota 4x4s and Land Rovers.  Lots of valuable
information for expedition travel!

Mike Hetman's site
A photographer's website with lots of interesting photos of mines and other
historical places on the east coast.

Society for Industrial Archeology
Exploring Hart Mountain, Southern Oregon
Oregon - October, 2007 - coming soon
Exploring the John Day - Canyon City Mines
Oregon - September, 2007 - coming soon
Exploring the Bohemia Mining District
Oregon - September, 2007 - New!  Updated!
Exploring the Mt. Adams area
Washington - July, 2007 - New!  Updated!
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Links to other sites we've explored, by name
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Exploring the Mines near Sumpter, Oregon
Oregon - May, 2008 - coming soon
Harriet Lake Mines
Oregon - July, 2008 - coming soon