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Artric Trucks is a company based in Iceland, which basicly modifies factory 4 wheel
drive trucks, including Toyota Hiluxs and Landcruisers.  What makes the Artic Trucks
different from most modified 4X4 Toyotas is the fact that they specificly modified for use
in the most extreme remote and dangerous areas of the world.  Some of those areas
include the north and south poles.   The modifications are striking in several ways.  First
are the extremely large tires that are added.   Second, is the fact that on many models,
so few modifications are made to the stock suspension to fit those tires.
The following Hilux 4X4s are newer models, which include IFS.  The IFS system used
on the '98 through current model Toyota Hilux, is the same torsion bar, double A-arm
system found on the '86-'95 Toyota 4X4 in the North American market.  In fact, the
entire frame, and suspension system is the same.
This truck has 33x12.5-15 tires.  Surprisingly, the
mods used to fits these tire are very minimal.   1" of
suspension lift, an IFS frame brace, and a idler arm
brace.  The stock gears are not changed.  Instead, the
speedo gear is changed to maintain the correct
speedometer reading.
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This truck has 35x12.5-15 tires.  In addition to the
above mods, a 2.3" bodylift is added and the fenders
and body are modified.
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The following two pictures are with 38x14x15 tires.
To fit these tires, the mods are a little bigger.  The
above mods are added, but the bodylift is increased to
just over 3".   The wheelbase is increased over 6" and
a coil spring rear suspension is added.  It's interesting
to note the modifications to the stock IFS appear to be
minimal at best.
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