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Welcome to my Foreign Toyota page.   Since I am in the United States, I use the term "Foreign Toyota" to describe the Toyota 4x4 models
that were NOT sold in the United States.  That is the focus of this page.  The term is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone.

To the surprise of some, there were a great number of very off road capable models that Toyota had chosen not to import into the United
States.   Since I first learned of these models, such as the Land Cruiser 70 series and later model solid front axle Hilux, I've been fascinated
by them.  I created this section to compile as much information, pictures and specs as possible about all of the foreign sold Toyota 4x4s, from
1951 through the very latest models, into one easy to find location.   

The section has grown immensely thanks to the contributions of many readers.  Please continue to send those pictures and information in, if
you have them.  I welcome any input on this website as well as any pictures or information that you might like to send me.    Because of the
great interest shown in this site, I've received Emails from
all over the world, and I welcome all of them.  You can EMAIL me anytime with
questions or comments.  Please understand, I'm not an expert on these models.  Pretty much everything I know is on this website and most of it
was obtained from the internet and other readers.

One of the most common questions I get asked is how an American can import one of these models.  I know very little about the process except
to say that it's difficult at best and impossible at worst.  I've included some limited info and resources in my FAQ section below.

I also own a Toyota 4x4.  Mine is not a foreign model, but a 1989 Toyota pick-up that has been heavily modified.  To learn more, check out my

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Introduction Page
Frequently Asked Questions Section about Foreign Toyotas
Including Canadian dealers that sell imported Foreign Toyotas and other information
Check out the following official english language Toyota websites from foreign countries

Links to all of Toyota's global websites

Toyota Europe       Toyota UK      Toyota Ireland      Toyota Australia      Toyota South Africa     Toyota New Zealand

Toyota Aruba       Toyota Grand Cayman       Toyota Bahamas      Toyota Zimbabwe      Toyota Nigerai      Toyota Eygpt

Toyota Israel       Toyota indonesia        Toyota Singapore      Toyota Kuwait      Toyota Mayalsia       Toyota Thailand
The New Toyota Hilux
2005 - current
Coming Soon
Land Cruiser 100/105 Series
1998-current - Updated:  4-26-05
Any pictures, specs or links about this model would appreciated.
You can
email me anytime.
Land Cruiser 90 Series
1997-2003 - Updated:  4-26-05
Toyota Hilux
Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser 80 Series
1990-current - (Still produced in Venezuela)
Updated:  4-26-05
Land Cruiser 78/79 Series
1999-current - Updated 0-00-05
Toyota Hilux
Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser 75 Series
1984-1998 - Updated 0-00-05
Toyota Hilux
Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser 70/73 Series
1984-current - Updated 0-00-05
Toyota Hilux Bugger Commercial
First aired in New Zealand and then later Australia, it depicts a 2002
Hilux diesel truck in a humorous commercial

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Croc Hunter Commercial
# 1
First aired in Australia, it depicts a late model Land Cruiser 78 series
pick-up driven by the Croc Hunter Steve Erwin, selling the idea that
you should have your truck serviced at an authorized dealer.

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Hunter Commercial # 2
First aired in Australia, it depicts a late model Land Cruiser 78 series
pick-up drivenby the Croc Hunter Steve Erwin, selling the idea of only
having your truck serviced by Toyota.  Awesome LC78 off
road shots in this commercial.
Land Cruiser Bundera/Prado
1985-1996 - Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser 60/62 Series
1980-1989 - Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser 55 Series
1967-1979 - Updated 0-00-05
Also, check out my:
Land Cruiser 40 Series
1960-1984 - Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser Bandeirante
1960-2001 - Updated 0-00-05
Land Cruiser BJ/25/35 Series
1951-1959 - Updated 0-00-05
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now including Police and
Fire Toyota 4X4s
Please note:

A number of photos were lost during a recent website update.   I will try to recover and repost these photos as time allows.