Some of these pictures are from
Innovation Campers of Germany.  
They build some nice campers for
expedition rigs.  Click on the logo
on the right for their website.
Last Update: November 24, 2004
Toyota Land Cruisers
and Hilux Expedition 4x4s
Faruk Rahman belongs to the Petronas  Adventure Team based out of Malaysia and they travel all over the world in vehicles like this
Land Cruiser 80 series pictured above.   Faruk tells me that his Land Cruiser has been to TIBET (1999)  INDOCHINA (2000)  

He said that normally before each expedition the Land Cruiser gets a good tune up and work over including new clutch, bearings, but he
notes that little needs to be done to a stock Land Cruiser to make it extremely expedition worthy.  His has a 4.2 liter turbo intercooled
diesel.   Petronas Adventure Team has their website with many cool pictures and I encourage you to visit it by clicking on the team logo
above or clicking
An awesome expedition vehicle built to travel from Alaska to the southern tip of South America.   This rig and it's journey can be view
on two different websites.   A good write up from the Argentinean website
Parque 4x4, and the owner's homepage.

Both pages can be translated into English using translate tools.
This is a 1999 Toyota Hilux 4X4 from South Africa.  Photos were taken by Luke Miller on a recent trip to South Africa.  This is
rental camper Hilux and contains provision for a long trip into the back country of South Africa and other nearby African nations.
1989-1997 generation Toyota Hiluxes modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.  
Few Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.  
A few Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.  
A  Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 series modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.   
A rare Land Cruiser HZJ74 modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.  I like this model and the white one above.  The
medium wheelbase would make for an excellent off road rig while the camper in the rear, looks to be very well equipped for
comfortable sleeping and camping.  The roofline and high weight is also kept to a minimum.  Of course, anything can happen
while off roading....whoops!
A  Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78 series modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.   
More Toyotas modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.  From left to right.  A Land Cruiser 45 series, a Land Cruiser 74 series,
and Land Cruiser 78 series and a later model Hilux double cab.
A rare Land Cruiser KJ73 modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.   I believe this is actually a 1990s Bundera or
Several pictures of interiors of  Innovation Camper interiors as set up on a Land Cruiser 80 series
Some pictures of the interior of an Innovations Camper on a Land Cruiser 78 series.
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series from France.  This rig is owned by Thierry Cloarecs.  
Please visit
Thierry's Land Cruiser Home Page.
Some well equipped Venezuelan short wheelbase Land Cruisers.
These pictures are from the owner's website This rig is a Land Cruiser 60 series with a
diesel H series engine.  Some basic modifications include the addition of a 42 gallon tank, 12,000lb WARN winch, custom rear tire carrier,
and lots of internal and external storage.  This rig was driven from Alaska to South America.  Visit thier site for more info.
A Land Cruiser 80 series set up by Artic Trucks to do some of the most extreme expedition off roading of all.  Drive across Greenland and
Antartica.   More info and pics coming soon.
A 2001 Toyota Tacoma that I spotted at work.  I'm not sure who owns it, but I though the pop-up camper was pretty cool.  This camper was
made by Four Wheel Campers.
Ken Trinder sent in these pictures of his very clean 1987 Toyota SR5 4x4 pick-up.   It was modified with a camper added by Bonaza Coach,
out of Indiana.  The roof tilts up for a full height ceiling and it sleeps 4 adults.   Ken rebuilt the interior to his liking.  He currently uses
it for surfing down in Cape Hatteras North Carolina.  A very and nicely built Toyota 4x4 camper.
Peter M. Glaessing from Germany, sent me these pictures of a very interesting Hilux with a special camper/tent set up.  Very impessive and fun rig
I'll bet!   Here's what he had to say about it - bold type is my additional comments:

It's a 2003 HiLux Double Cab 2.5 Common Rail Diesel. 102 hp. Bought it from a local dealer, already upgraded. Old Man Emu rear leaf springs and front torsion
bars.   Offrotec vacuum locker
(something most U.S. guys probably haven't heard of)  at the rear axle, 16 " wheels with 265/75 r 16 BFG A/T, Custom made
'engine protection panel, Custom Made Hardtop, A/C, Additional Webasto heater.  Long Ranger tank swap. (30 Gal.)

Currently the truck is approx 10 cm
(~4 inches) higher than stock which is by far not sufficient.  On the list of modifications to be made:
Body lift, Flatbed and finally a solid axle conversion.
Note about the photos on this site:
Every effort has been made not to include other's photos without the proper permission and credits, however, if you see any photos which belong to you and that I
don't have permission to use, I apologize.   If you send me an
Email, I will remove the photos immediately or give proper credit, which ever you wish.
A few Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series modified by Innovation Campers from Germany.  
and other Expedition 4x4s
This is an all new page that will showcase some of the coolest Expedition 4x4 and off road rigs.
  I sometimes referr to my truck as an expedition rig.   It is set up for long distance excursions
into remote areas and the unknown.   It's set up to allow for fairly comfortable sleeping
arrangements and to be able carry a lot of extra camping, emergency, and recovery gear.   But
some of the rigs showcased here, take it all a few steps further.   I usually only camp for a few
days at a time, maybe a week at most.  But some of these rigs are designed for months at a
time in some of the most inhospitapol places on earth.    Toyotas are the focus of my website,
so of course, Toyotas are included here, but Mercedes Unimogs and Land Rovers are also very
popular platforms for very capable 4x4 expedition rigs, so I've decided to show them here as
well.   If you have any pictures of expedition rigs that you want to share here,
please just
email me.

Pronunciation: "ek-sp&-'di-sh&n
Function: noun
1 a : a journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose b :
the group of persons making such a journey
Here in the U.S., Toyotas are not always the first thing to come to mind when thinking of an expedition vehicle.
 We are trained that such duty usually involves Land Rovers.   But overseas, Toyotas are very popular for
just such a task.  Overseas and down in South America, Toyota sells a much tougher and more capable line up
of 4x4s than here in the U.S. and that line up includes the 70 series troop carriers.   A very capable platform
for an expedition 4X4.   But even the Hilux pick-ups and more luxury based Land Cruiser 80 series can be
found decked out for extreme expedition off road use.  Below you'll find some of examples that I've come
across on the web and that have been sent to me through email.