BushHackers Anniversary Run
Tillamook State Forest OHV
On February 7, 2004, Ed Billeci and I went along with the BushHackers 4x4 Club on their anniversary run
in the Tillamook State Forest OHV area.   The TSF OHV area is located about 40 miles west of Portland,
Oregon off of highway 6 and offers some of the best off road trails in Oregon and perhaps the whole

The BushHacker run was divided into four groups.   Group 1 was for mostly stock vehicles, Group 2 was
for vehicles with minimum 33" tires, lockers helpful, but not required.  (turns out they probably should
have been required)  Group 3, was 33" minimal tires, at least one locker required.  Group 4 was for the
super hardcore.   Ed and I decided to go with the Group 2, because Ed lacked rock sliders and a rear
bumper.   We thought things would be much easier than they were.    So, while the trails weren't the most
challenging, they were definitely fun and we had a very good time.   The people were great and our trail
leaders and the members of the BushHacker's club were more than friendly and patient to those that
needed a little extra help.  

Photos seen below were taken by Jen Marks, Ed Billeci and myself.

Click on images for larger view.

Unfortunately, since we were driving, the below pictures are only a small sample of the runs we did that day.  
Some of the fun stuff was not photographed, since were driving.
  If anyone that was there that day, would like
to share any photos or video of the run please send me an
email.  I'd particularly love to see any pictures or
video of Ed's tan 4Runner and my truck.  Thanks.
My '89 Toyota pick-up with a solid
front axle conversion, 35" tires,
lockers f/r
Ed Billeci's '85 4Runner with a
custom diesel conversion, 35" tires,
lockers f/r
Get ready for the run at the Roger's Camp staging area.   These pictures are of a few
Toyotas that I thought was kind of interesting.  They didn't go along with our group.
Part of our group heading
out to the trails.
Driving up some of the steep and rocky, but not too difficult, trails.
A quick spot was needed here to
prevent body damage.
Waiting our turn to complete a
harder section of Firebreak Five.
A nice vintage Jeep having no trouble at all.
Another  newer locked Jeep plowing
A newer Jeep Rubicon attempting the section.   The factory lower transfer gears
and factory front and rear lockers were real nice, but unfortunately, low ground
clearance ate away much of the advantage.   A lift and some taller tires would make
this rig unstoppable.
My turn.  I didn't have much problem going through.   Lower T-case gearing might have been nicer, but the front and
rear lockers and taller 35" tires made the day.
This had to have been the most impressive rig and driver of the day.   Impressive, because this 4Runner was virtually totally
stock.   No lockers and no lift.  Tires were 32" mud tires, just a hair taller than stock.   The V-6 engine, factory 4.88 gears and
auto transmission, no doubt helped some, but he was able to get through areas without a winch that gave some locked
vehicles a hard time, including this section.
Another IFS 4Runner that did
well, also with minimal lift,
but an ARB locker helped a
great deal.
Ed's 4Runner going up and
over a steep section.
This nearly stock 1994 Land Cruiser FZJ80 made one of
the quickest runs through this section and was
impressive the entire day.   It has only a couple inches of
lift and 33" tires, but the factory front and rear electric
lockers are what make this rig unstoppable.   This rig is
the best of all worlds.   A true off road capable vehicle that
can travel in real comfort on the highway.
Pictures of Ed and myself and others driving a few other trails below the snow level.  There were some very steep and rocky
sections, but we all made it through without any problems.
At the higher elevations (around 3000-3300 feet) we ran into snow and got to do some different kind of wheeling.   The snow
was around a foot or more deep in some sections, but everyone plowed through.   There was one particularly steep section
of trail that most everyone went down which was somewhat scary.    The only rig that had trouble, was the stock 4Runner
with no lift, which got it's gas tank caught on a rock in a bit of a precarious position.    But soon it cleared the rock and made
it's way down safely.
Back down below the snow level.   The picture on the right was a steep downhill trail with a good sized vehicle swallowing rut
in the middle that made for slow going.  I found myself slipping into this rut several times, while trying my best not to put my
rig on it's side.  
Attempting can opener hill.   This poor guy was one of only three in our group that attempted this hill.  The leader made it
through no problem.  Then this blue Jeep.   With only a rear limited slip, and one that didn't seem to be cooperating very well,
he unfortunately found himself slammed into a tree root which took a large chunk out of the fiberglass top.   He then had to be
winched out.    At least he tried.   I'm sorry to see the damage that occurred.
This 3rd and final attempt at Can Opener resulted in this Jeep backing
down the hill.   Not that he couldn't have made it.  He just appeared to
have second thoughts about repeating the damage of the blue Jeep
before him.
These pictures were taken by other people on the run.  Forgive me for not giving proper credit, but I'm not sure who took
the pictures.  Please
email with the info and I'll post it here.
It was a fun day and I really enjoyed meeting some nice people.   If you happen to have
any pictures of the run that you want to share or would just like to
email me, please do.  
A slightly difficult section of Firebreak Five, this unlocked Jeep made a good go of it, but eventually had to submit to a
winch.   Everyone else was able to make it through  unassisted.