in May 2004 I visited the old Southern Pacific Brooklyn Roundhouse.  I stumbled upon it quite by
accident.   I only meant to take a few pictures of some interesting diesel locomotives I'd seen from a
nearby overpass.  But my curiosity helped me find a better view.   I found myself at the front door of
the old roundhouse and too my surprise, I was welcomed by the very friendly staff and allowed to
browse the property and take photos.

The Roundhouse and turntable are the only original remains of the vast Southern Pacific Brooklyn yard that
is 100 years old.   Today the main rail yard is still used by Union Pacific (which acquired Southern Pacific) in
the mid 1990s.)  The present roundhouse was built in the 1940s to replace the original, but today is only a
shadow of it's former glory.  The larger of the two roundhouse buildings was demolished, leaving only the
present building.   The original turn table is also almost 100 years, although the current electric bridge was
installed in the 1920s.   The Roundhouse is no longer used by the UP.   Instead housing some of the most
unique and famous locomotives in the U.S., SP&S #700 and Southern Pacific #4449, both some of the largest
still operating steam engines in the world.
 More history and details will be forthcoming on this page.

Thank you very much to the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation and the keepers of the Brooklyn
Roundhouse for allowing me to view and photograph the wonderful and unique collection.  

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Photos of my visit
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