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Active Shortline Railroads
Tourist & Steam Railroads & Locomotives
Abandoned Locomotive & Wreck Sites
Our SP&S 700 Mainpage
Updated 11-4-08 - videos -
Abandoned Shay Remains (Bradley-Woodard)
Nicolai Mtn, Oregon - Updated 11-17-06
Abandoned Log Car Wreck (Kerry Railroad)
Birkenfeld, Oregon - Updated 8-1-06
Abandoned Climax Steam Loco in the Woods
Clarkia, Idaho - Updated 6-11-07
Steam Locomotives
of the Pacific Northwest
Active, abandoned and display locomotives
in the Pacific Northwest
Updated 12-14-05
Abandoned Ring of Fire Wreck Site
Western Wash. - Updated 3-16-08
Final 15 minutes of the Ring of Fire movie is now on the site!
Our Southern Pacific 4449 Mainpage
Updated 12-11-05 - video
Kerry Timber Co. Railroad
Northwest Oregon - Updated 6-5-08 (eight parts)
Major update added
Oregon Coast Scenic RR
Tillamook, Oregon
Updated 9-24-07 - cab ride video
Carlton & Coast RR -  Flora Logging Co.
Carlton, Oregon - Updated 11-21-06  (three parts)
Sumpter Valley RR
Sumpter, Oregon
Updated 8-8-05 - video
Bradley-Woodard Co. & the Oregon T & L Co.
Nicolai Mtn, Oregon - Updated 11-17-06 (three parts)
Chehalis-Centralia RR
Chehalis, Washington
Updated 10-4-04 - cab ride video
Douty Lumber Company spur & mill
Douty, Oregon - Updated 5-4-07
OWR&N/Union Pacific Homestead Branch
Homestead, Oregon - coming soon
City of Prineville RR
Prineville, Oregon
Updated 7-14-06 - video
Oregon Electric/PNWR Bendemer Spur  
Hillsboro, Oregon - coming soon
Union Pacific Heppner Branch
Heppner, Oregon - Updated 10-30-06
Oregon Trunk Railroad / Deschutes Railroad
Central Oregon - Updated 7-23-06 (two parts)
Port of Tillamook RR
Tillamook, Oregon
Updated 7-31-05
CORP Railroad
Central Oregon & Pacific
Updated 10-24-07
Astoria Trolley RR
Astoria, Oregon
Updated 7-27-05 - cab ride video
SP Wending Branch & Weyerhaeuser RR
Mohawk, Oregon - Updated 3-22-06
Mount Hood RR
Hood River, Oregon
Updated 10-24-07 - cab ride video
Willamina & Grand Ronde Railroad
Grand Ronde, Oregon - Updated 3-3-06
Chelatchie Prairie RR  & the
Portland Vancouver Junction RR
Vancouver-Chelatchie, WA (2 parts)
Update 5-20-05
Burlington Northern Goldendale Branch
Klickitat, Washington - Updated 2-21-06
Albany & Eastern RR
Albany, Oregon
Updated 7-21-06
Westport Logging RR Tunnel
Westport, Oregon - Updated 8-2-08
Willamette Valley RR
Woodburn, Oregon
Updated 7-21-06
Southern Pacific St. Joseph Branch
St. Joseph, Oregon - Updated 2-5-06
United Railways & Oregon-American Mill
Vernonia, Oregon - Updated 1-2-06
Durango & Silverton RR
Durango, Colorado
Updated 7-26-06
Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railroad
Cottage Grove, Oregon - Updated 11-29-05
Willamette Valley & Coast Railway
Cherry Grove, Oregon - Updated 11-15-05
Wallowa-Union RR
Wallowa, Oregon
coming soon
J H Chambers Mill RR's Covered Bridge
Cottage Grove, Oregon - Updated 11-12-05
Morton Railroad Depot
Morton, Washington - Updated 11-10-05
Union Pacific 3985 Photos
Updated: 7-25-06
OE Sweet Home Depot & Holley Branch
Sweet Home, Oregon - Updated 11-10-05
Reader's Railroad Photos
Abandoned & Active Railroads world wide
Updated: 11-18-04 - update coming soon
Southern Pacific, Yaquina Branch
Yaquina, Oregon - Updated 7-20-05
Southern Pacific - Falls City Branch
Black Rock, Oregon - Updated 6-7-05
Brooklyn Roundhouse Photos
Portland, Oregon
Updated: 6-15-04 - Major update coming soon
Milwaukee Road - Western Divisions
Washington, Idaho, Montana - Updated 5-18-05
All of our related photos and info compiled into one article
Coos Bay Lumber Company RR
Powers, Oregon - Updated 3-9-05
Union Pacific Condon Branch
Condon, Oregon - Updated 3-5-05
Southern Pacific Perrydale Depot
Perrydale, Oregon - Updated 3-2-05
MoW Equipment Photos
Updated 4-30-06
Oregon Pacific Railroad - Molalla Branch
Liberal, Oregon - Updated 1-19-05
Caboose Photos
Updated 4-30-06
Pope & Talbot Mill & RR Spur & Bridge
Oakridge, Oregon - Updated 10-14-04
Simpson Timber Company Railroad - 3 parts
Shelton, Washington - Updated 10-4-04
Washington Cascades Abandoned Railroads
Cascade Mtns, Washington - Updated 10-1-02
Railroad Depots
Updated 1-4-06
Abandoned RRs of ID & WA - 3 parts
Washington/Idaho - Updated 9-25-04
Portland Traction Co. Springwater Division
Boring, Oregon - Updated 8-18-04
Russell Round House
Victoria, BC - Updated 8-4-04
Mountain Quarries Railroad
Auburn, California - Updated 4-27-04
Clackamas & Eastern Railroad
Carver, Oregon - Updated 4-15-04
Railroad Signs & Signals
Updated 12-31-05
Abandoned Railroad Rumors
A section devoted to rumors about abandoned
RR sites, artifacts, equipment, locomotives & more.
Updated 6-11-07
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Other Features & Articles
Portola RR Museum
Portola, California
Updated 7-26-06
Mt. Rainer Scenic RR
Elbe, Washington
coming soon
Simpson Timber RR
Shelton, Washington
Updated 10-4-04
Portland & Western RR & the
Lewis & Clark Explorer (RIP)
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Updated 5-9-06
Special Features & Current Projects
Welcome to our abandoned & active railroads page.   This is one of several sections of our website.
This page was created in December 2003 to showcase our finds while exploring abandoned railroads in the Pacific Northwest.  Since then,
the site has grown extensively and now has thousands of photos, dozens of videos and almost a hundred articles on both abandoned and active railroads,
equipment and structures.  We've been fortunate enough to participate in the recording of current and past railroad history all over Oregon and the
Northwest.  All comments, content contributions or questions are more than welcome.  please
Email me anytime.   
I Hope you enjoy the site.

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Abandoned Railroad Features
Oregon Pacific Railroad
Our full feature special website for this
historic Portland Railroad icon, features almost
every aspect of this railroad, its operation and its
history.   I'm a volunteer and extra board for this
Updated on a regular basis
Abandoned Logging RRs of
the Coast Range
A full feature section featuring all of our
abandoned logging RR articles in the Oregon
Coast Range.
Updated 6-5-08
Thanks to everyone who has contributed photos and information to this website!
Steam Locomotives of the Northwest!
Railroad Movies & Videos
All of our railroad videos, including several full
feature movies that were shot and edited entirely
by us.  These are free and downloadable, so
please enjoy.
Updated 11-4-08
A page dedicated to books that I own, recommend or suggest that are related to subjects on this website.
You can purchase these books through
PGE Little Sandy Tram
Bull Run, Oregon - Updated 8-2-08