Our original expedition 4x4 was this 1989
Toyota pick-up, for which the website is named
after.   It served us well....
...but progress demanded a newer vehicle more
suitable to our type of expedition travel.   
The 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80.
However it was sold and now we have begun a
new era with a Lexus GX470.
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respect this as we have noticed a number of artifacts disappear from sites that we've visited and then revisited later.  In the event that an artifact is recovered, we believe that it should be placed on
public display in a museum or otherwise preserved for public study or future display.  It is our goal to preserve our historical heritage for future generations.

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Welcome to our Homepage - Update June 7, 2020 - WE ARE BACK!

This website was first launched almost 20 years ago, in 2001.   After a multi-year hiatus we are finally back.  Approximately 10 years ago, circumstances
caused us to sell our 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80.  We curtailed our historical exploration activities and concentrated on other things.   As a result, this
website lapsed and had not been updated in years.   But we are back with a new expedition rig and have been continuing our research and exploring passions.

I purchased a 2008 Lexus GX470 (Land Cruiser Prado 120 for the non-U.S. folks) and have built it to replace my old Land Cruiser.  
The build will be documented on here at time allows.

In recent years I've been focused on my part time duties as a manager of passenger operations and locomotive engineer for the Oregon Pacific Railroad.  I
have an extensive website about our railroad, including many interesting historical photos and information for anyone who may be interested.   We also offer
train rides in the Portland, Oregon area on Saturdays.


You can also follow me on facebook...

Brian McCamish Facebook Page   and  my  Oregon Pacific Railroad Facebook Page

Brian McCamish
Portland, Oregon, USA -
(Past and Present)

2008 Lexus GX470 Expedition Build
Our current expedition rig - under construction
Last update:  Page under construction

1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FJZ80
Old expedition rig - sold in 2010
Refinement and experience learned

In Search of History Main Page
Trip reports and photos exploring old mines,
ghost towns, railroads, fire lookouts and more
Last update:  10-21-07

Abandoned & Active Historical RRs
Pages of active and abandoned railroads
mostly in the Pacific Northwest.
Last update:  11-26-07

1989 Toyota 4x4 Expedition Rig
Old expdition rig - sold in 2006
Where it all began

Toyota 4x4 Tech and Info
Links to articles and pages on my website
about Toyota 4x4s and modifications
Last Update:  2007

Foreign Toyotas Homepage
Links to articles and pages on my website
Foreign (non U.S. spec) Toyota 4x4s
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Military Toyotas Homepage
Links to articles and pages on my website
military Toyotas
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My Dad's Toyota FJ40 1968-1972
Photos of my Dad's then brand new
Toyota FJ40 on the Rubicon trail & more
in 1968 through 1972
About me:

My name is Brian P McCamish.  I live in Portland, Oregon USA.   Since
approximately 2001, I have had a deep interest in Toyota off roading and
American industrial history, with emphasis on exploring and documenting
abandoned and historical sites, including ghost towns, mines and abandoned
railroads and more.   For more than 22 years I've worked for the Boeing Company
and currently work in commercial aircraft parts production.   I also work part time
as a volunteer for a historical short line railroad as the manager of passenger
operations and as a locomotive engineer.   I have a passion for building websites,
writing articles about our travels, history and technical vehicle modifications.   I'm
also a video maker and editor of historical events (mostly railroad related).