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Oregon Pacific Railroad Company
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OPR East Portland Division in Extreme Detail
Last update - 11-5-13                                                               
OPR Molalla Branch Division in Extreme Detail
Last update - 11-22-13  
Photos courtesy of Greg Brown, Rob Jacox collection and Scott Lothes
Photos courtesy of Kenneth Shattock, Greg Brown
Some photos courtesy of Scott Lothes and Kyle Weismann-Yee
Locomotive Roster of the OPR
Last update 11-5-13
Caboose & Passenger Car Roster of the OPR
Last update - 9-11-13
MoW Roster of the OPR
Last update - 11-27-09
Crew & Volunteer Roster of the OPR
Last update - 9-15-13
Wonderful Drawing by Mason Parker 5/2011 and donated to the OPR.   Click on image for larger view.
View shows the OPR Milwaukie Shops and Yard on the East Portland Branch.
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OPR Emergency Contact Number
To Report Cars Blocking Crossings, Track, Equipment, Railcar or Locomotive Damage or Criminal or Suspicious Activity on OPR Property.
Also Emergency Contact for our Rail Customers and our Interchanging Railroad Partners.

OPR Business Office, Accounting Office & Shop
Rail Customers for Normal Business, Media and General Inquiries.  Also Inquiries about Special Events, Charters
Train Rentals, Film Locations & OPR Accounting.  Please Leave Message if No Answer.

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Last Update: January 23, 2014
The Oregon Pacific Railroad is a family owned and operated
railroad located in the Greater Portland Metro Area.  This short
line consists of two divisions; the
East Portland Division and
Molalla Branch Division.   

Although primarily a freight railroad, the Oregon Pacific is
famous for its friendly attitude toward rail fans and the public
and has hosted a number of community oriented events,
including public train rides.

The Oregon Pacific Railroad is owned by Richard Samuels
and is primarily operated by him and his sons, Tim, Brian and
Craig Samuels with help from friends, volunteers and others.   
OPR crews are trained and experienced in every aspect of
railroading, including rail & equipment construction,
maintenance, fabrication, restoration and train operations.

Richard Samuels has owned and operated this company since
it was formed in 1987, when he first organized it to purchase  
the Portland Traction Company Railroad in East Portland.   
Common carrier operations began in 1991, when the remains
of the PTC were officially taken over.   Richard Samuels later
purchased the Southern Pacific Molalla Branch in 1993 and
the two divisions now comprise the Oregon Pacific Railroad.

2013 marks 22 years for the OPR as a common carrier
railroad and more than 26 years of company operations.  
Richard Samuels was able to revive these two railroads with a
sincere dedication to customer service that continues to this
day.   The OPR and its employees thank everyone including
our valued customers, railfans and volunteers for their
wonderful support of our unique and rare family owned and
operated shortline railroad company.
The OPR now has our own  
Facebook Page.
Check us out and keep up with the
latest OPR news and information.
1991       -       CELEBRATING 22 YEARS of COMMON CARRIER SERVICE         -       2013
Saturday Train Rides, Depart ORHC 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm